Developing a blueprint for Imo development

Hope Uzodinma

Granted that Governor Hope Uzodimma assumed office on January 14, 2020, without the benefit of having the time to organize and study the terrain so as to be abreast with the challenges of governance in the state, almost one year in office now, one would have expected the governor to tell Imolites where he is taking them to. Governance in Imo State in particular and Nigeria, in general, has, over the years, been a matter of managing the status quo and accumulating exceedingly unnecessary wealth. This is why our state has remained backwards in the comity of states in terms of provision of critical infrastructure in all sectors of the economy and improving the standard of living of the people. It is a shame that after almost 40 years late Governor Sam Mbakwe left office, his administration continues to be referred to like the best so far and a reference point of good governance. This is because late Mbakwe had a blueprint for the development of the state. Mbakwe was a ‘de-zonized’ Imo man who saw the entire state as his constituency and spread his development tentacle across every nook and cranny of the old Imo state.
Since the regime of Dee Sam Mbakwe, subsequent Imo state administrations have exhibited utter lack of what governance is all about, except former Governor Emeka Ihedioha who started his tenure by first, defining what the reality on the ground was.
This discernment of what the reality was enabled him to develop blueprints in all sectors of the state and an overall vision for the state. This is why former Governor Ihedioha’s tenure resonated with Imolites and keeps resonating.
Governor Hope Uzodimma should take the step of developing a blueprint or guiding ideal state for Imo. You cannot hit a target you do not see. The essence of developing a blueprint or ideal state is to guide policy and decision making. It helps to instil discipline, accountability and transparency in the government decision-making process. It helps to eliminate waste in all facets of governance. It helps to nip mediocrity in the bud, enhances quality output and sets the standard of performance. Having a blueprint eliminate mundane sentiments in appointment into government offices. It helps government appointees to be on their toes, improve themselves for optimal service delivery, and so on.
Edge Express Newspaper urges Governor Uzodimma to, as a matter of urgency, embark on the task of developing a blueprint for the holistic development of the state.
Nothing meaningful would be achieved without a target or blueprint to aim at. Uzodimma should abandon the style of business as usual which now characterizes his administration and work with a guiding blueprint for all the benefits inherent in it is better late than never.


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