How would Biden’s victory aid Okorocha’s 2023 ambition?

By Jotham Emenyonu

Feelers emerging from the camp of Owelle Rochas Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha, the Imo West Senator and the immediate past governor of Imo State indicate that wild jubilation and celebration are arising from the victory of Joe Biden as the American president. 

The group is jubilating that there is a perceived relationship between the Ideato-born Senator and the possible new American president and this they hope will likely rub off positively on the 2023 presidential ambition of the real estate mogul.

The picture of Biden holding Okorocha from the back has been making the rounds in the social media ostensibly to throw support and lend credence to their views. The Senator’s known media handler, F C C Jones Onwuasoanya was seen making comparisons of the times and life of the two politicians. 

While many have received this with a pinch of salt, others have also dismissed it as one of the creations of social media to hoodwink the unsuspecting public.

Whatever it may represent, the big question hanging on the lips of many political pundits is how Owelle’s political ambition for 2023 can be aided by the electoral fortune of the Democratic candidate, Biden. This is not yet very clear as enthused by many keen observers in the polity.

A jubilant Owelle supporter and a diehard fan called Anayo who was asked this question by Edge Express responded thus, “Are you telling us that you didn’t see the influence of Barack Obama in the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015? Do you expect it to be pronounced before it can make sense to you”, he queried again

Another enthusiastic Okorocha fan while acknowledging the victory of the former American Vice President noted that, even though it may not be clear to him, he believes that the American number one citizen if sworn in might one way or another support his friend’s (Okoracha’s) ambition. According to him, “America is a big influence, it cannot be ignored.”

When a reporter met with a politically conscious Imo citizen, Samuel, who shows depth and class in political analysis, he dismissed the joy manifested by the people as misplaced arguing that it is too early to reason that way if at all there is a relationship between the duo.

In his words, “it is still too early to start thinking like this because Okorocha has many rivers to cross. He has to first of all secure the mandate of his party before he can begin to think of securing outside support. Many other candidates may be better preferred. Besides nobody yet knows the outcome of the graft agencies case against him over alleged  misappropriated funds.”

Biden has won the concluded American presidential election which though is still under contest in court by the incumbent Donald Trump, while Okorocha is drawing up plans to run for the presidency which is expected to come the way of the Igbo in 2023. How he will clinch the ticket remains anybody’s guess. One thing is not taken away; he has his numerous supporters rooting for him across tribes.

But the unanswered question is how Biden can catapult him to be the President of Igbo extraction.


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