Special citizens honour Isiala Mbano IMC Chairman


History was made yesterday as the creme of physically challenged people from Imo State presents a merit award to the IMC Chairman of Isiala Mbano LGA, Hon. Chika Okoroike.
In his speech, the LGA Chairman of Joint National Association of People Living with Disabilities, JONAPWD, Ukeachu Kelechi thanked the IMC Chairman for appointing its members to lofty positions and prayed him to do more. He demanded opening the main entrance door of the council hall for them on every meeting days. He pleaded with the Chairman to refurbish their bus which is in a state of disrepair.
Presenting the award, the State Secretary applauded the Chairman for delivering democracy dividends to his people.
The IMC Chairman, Hon. Chika Okoroike referred to them as “Special Citizens” in trying to unearth the talent in them. He praised their heroics and pleaded they pray for him as their prayers are most dear to God. He ordered for the flinging open of the enlarged council hall door to ease movement during meetings. He instructed the LGA Chairman of the group to make their bus available for repairs.
Hon. Julius Enemaku, one of those special citizens who is a Special Adviser to the IMC Chairman said he has been selected for the most invaluable positions in the government due to the Chairman believe in the ingenuity of the group.
The Chairman who squeezed out time from his tight schedule to meet with the group doled out the sum of one hundred thousand nairas to the group to ease their return to their places of abode.
It ended with a prayer session by the group asking God to guide and protect the IMC Chairman who they described as a comforter and God sent.


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