Why we hijacked Nigeria’s plane -Odu


The former gubernatorial candidate of the Alliance for Democracy, activist, Ohaneze leader, and former President, University of Nigeria Nsukka, alumni association, Arc. Mac Odu, There is not a chance of Nigeria as a nation left on the skyline.
Speaking exclusively with the Edge Express Newspaper at the weekend, Arc. Odu said: “A Nation imports ideality. It speaks about one policy of growth and development for the inhabitants of a country. A nation imports off ideals for which the country was formed or created; it imports pursuit of such ideals, so Nigeria is not a nation from that standpoint.”
According to him, Nigeria in his words “is an unhealthy combination of different ethnic groups, because, intruders like the Fulani have penetrated from the Sahel region of Africa to become participants in tropical Africa.”
Arc-Odu, who regretted that so much blood had been spilt in the alleged quest to position Fulani President, was emphatic that the only way that the country can continue as a united entity is for it to return to autonomous units. As the quest he said, had tilted the balance of productivity and leadership out of order, adding that his last role would be to make sure that he leaves a legacy of ensuring Ndigbo’s freedom.
On why his team hijacked a Lagos-bound flight from Benin airport, he said he did it for the love of Ndigbo, adding, “I went into the war as a 22-year old student of University of Nigeria Nsukka – a student leader of note. I saw heads cut off and bodies shipped by train from the North, and I made up my mind that such level of barbarism should not be tolerated. Seven of us having being trained as a suicide squad went on the mission. We diverted the plane which was rerouted to Lagos from Benin to Enugu. I spent two years, Seven Months after being arrested for our plan to destroy the Jebba bridge. And I don’t mind going back to the benches.”


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