Nigeria @ 60: Avu monarch laments state of affairs

HRH Eze Michael Okere

By Eze Amaeshi

The traditional ruler of Avu ancient kingdom in Owerri West LGA, HRH Eze Michael Okere (Duru Ihekaibeya Viii) has lamented the myriad of crises that have befallen Nigeria, saying that at independence there were great expectations which have now been dashed.
Speaking to newsmen at his palace last week on the anniversary of Nigeria’s 60th independence, the highly cerebral traditional ruler also said he did not blame President Buhari for describing Nigerian youths as lazy because they have failed to use their energy to declare what the situation must be in Nigeria as they have all that it takes to unseat or destabilize any administration until their desires for a progressive nation are achieved.
Eze Michael Okere also maintained that Nigeria is in need of a 21st-century leader, worried that Nigeria youths don’t behave like 21st-century people and are not interested in governance but only in being used as thugs by politicians.
He noted that Nigeria youths have the population to effect change in society but are not using it. Comparing NANS of the 1980s to the present-day NANS, he described them as worlds apart, adding that youths should use the platform of NANS and tell Nigerians what they want.
Okere also blamed the Nigerian constitution as having a role to play in the nation’s present challenges, arguing that priming people’s mind is necessary before anything could change.
He described the Nigeria constitution as quasi-presidential and quasi-parliamentarian, stating that an Igbo presidency would avail nothing.
Eze Okere also blamed the British for failing to divide Nigeria before Independence as they did with India which became India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
The traditional ruler also said that all those struggling to rule Nigeria do not have what it takes to rule.
Furthermore, he accused the British of waging ideological warfare on Southerners by using the church as an instrument to cage them and destroy their culture while giving the nation a constitution designed to favour the North which is still in place to date.
On the way forward, HRH Eze Michael Okere noted that Nigeria must have an Oputa Panel-like Truth and Reconciliation Committee where all truth about Nigeria must be told.
He also advocated for a real presidential system of government fashioned after the U.S.A and also suggested that Nigeria should borrow the American model of economic development and way of boosting economic activity by making credit lines available to citizens.


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