Curbing herdsmen/farmers conflict and Ganduje example


The seemingly intractable problem of herders/farmers conflict which has recently assumed increased dimensions across Nigeria has claimed thousands of lives and created more thousands of widows and orphans. The cause of the conflict has always been herdsmen grazing their cattle on people’s farms, leaving in their trail massive destruction of farms. In many cases, it has brought about Fulani herdsmen burning down villages in the bid to possess communities and take over their farmlands for their cattle to grace on. Farmer’s resistances to these attacks have led to unnecessary bloodshed on both sides. Another consequence of herders/farmers conflict has been poor food production by many Nigerian communities, leading to fears of starvation across the country.
While the United Nations has designated these Fulani herders who bear arms and cause untold bloodshed as the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world, the Nigeria Federal government, by actions, has declared its powerlessness or rather unwillingness to deal with this menace. The federal government has rather maintained that the cause of the herders/farmers clash is the occupation of the so-called national grazing routes by farmers. To the federal government, the only solution to this problem is for the so-called national grazing routes to be available for Fulani herdsmen to be able to graze their cattle across the country along those routes. The present Buhari administration has worked herd at protecting the interest of ethnic Fulani kinsmen. It came up with the idea of RUGA and this was roundly rejected by Nigerians. RUGA was aimed at carving out Fulani enclaves in all states in Nigeria. Now the federal government is talking of water resources bill which many have condemned as RUGA in disguise. Nigerians do not seem to trust the motive of the president Buhari-led administration in all these.
However, last week, the governor of Kano State, Dr Abdulkadir Ganduje announced that his administration had recently sent 75 Fulani herdsmen to Turkey to be trained in modern management, production and growing of cattle related businesses. Governor Ganduje also disclosed that Kano State government would soon complete a large expanse of land it had acquired to be used as RUGA. This RUGA according to him has been equipped with all modern facilities such as schools, hospitals, veterinary clinics, etc. Governor Ganduje also said that this RUGA being constructed would take herders off people’s farms, and towns and thereby ending the persistent herdsmen/farmers conflict.
Edge Express congratulates Governor Abdulkadir Ganduje and the Kano State government for coming up with this programme to end the herders/farmers conflict in Kano State. We urge other state governments in the northern part to emulate the Kano State Government in this. If they do, herders in the south of Nigeria will return home and there will be peace there. We also urge the federal government to assist northern states establish RUGA in their territories and jettison the idea of establishing Fulani communities across Nigeria, failure of which would result in insecurity without end in Nigeria.


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