The need for transparency in our election processes

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On Thursday, September 3, 2020, APC Members of Imo North senatorial constituency (Okigwe Zone) trooped out in their numbers to elect an APC candidate that would represent them at the upper chambers of the National Assembly.
To everybody’s dismay, the whole exercise turned out a mere charade. Little did the people know that unscrupulous elements who parade themselves as leaders would not allow them to democratically elect their standard flag bearer for the October 31 senatorial bye-election. Imo North APC members awakened to the reality that the primary election had produced different “winners” with their result sheets authentically signed by different electoral panel members. This is absurd. One wonders why the choice of APC candidate for Okigwe Zone should not be left in the hands of the people to choose. If a candidate wins an election, is he going to serve the interests of the people or the godfather who helps him rig his way to power? Our leaders should understand that infringing on peoples’ right to choose their representatives is both wicked and evil. It is the peoples’ inalienable right to choose their representative in a truly democratic setting. In this 21st century, it is a wonder that our leaders still see elections as a do or die affair. The interest and welfare of the people are not even considered. The slogan is that politics is a game of private interest and not the public interest. This is killing. Politics should be a game of public interest and not personal interest. This is one thing that distinguishes us from developed climes. The mindset is different.
Edge Express newspaper is very concerned at the way our leaders pursue their private political interest at the detriment of the overall interest of the people.
We wish to remind our leaders that private security in the midst of large-scale public insecurity is a mere illusion. Denying the people, the right to choose their own representatives is a great injustice to them. It denies the people the right to hold their representatives accountable and so results in poor performance by such representatives. It is also pertinent that our leaders understand that there must be a paradigm shift in thinking.
The people desire quality representation, and so should be allowed to take their own destinies into their own hands.
Edge Express newspaper is also calling on Governor Hope Uzodimma, as leader of APC in Imo State, to use his good offices to promote transparency in our electoral processes. He should not have become part of the problem of the stalemated Imo North senatorial by-election. But however, it is unfortunate that he supported one of the aspirants, thus alienating others. Even if Chief Ifeanyi Araraume had wanted to rig the primary bye-election in his favour, Governor Uzodimma should have used his position to defend the right of the people to choose their own representatives. By so doing, the governor would have warmed his way into the people’s hearts. The opportunity is still there, come October 31 when the senatorial bye-election is scheduled to hold. Uzodimma should prepare himself to allow the people of Okigwe Zone to choose their senator. He should work against any attempt by anyone to usurp the right of the people. There is a positive correlation between real democracy and economic development and we should promote real democracy.


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