Amb Jude Alajemba: Orsu born uncommon leader with a human heart

Amb Jude Alajemba

It was an American clergy and social reformer Martin Luther King (Jnr) on August 28th, 1963 in his historic speech titled “I have a dream…” who encapsulates the inexorable principle upon which any visionary society must embrace in electing or conferring her leaders of thought with responsibilities for greater humanity. The American reformer in his Clarion call hypothesized that men ought to be qualified by the intrinsic content of their sublime quality and consistency of character and NOT by mere material infinite smallies and or hues of life. Incidentally, age-old wisdom also has it that character is the primordial destiny upon which lifetime achievers pitched their indomitable ethos ….thus according to Arthur Friedman, “Men of genius are often admired; men of affluence are envied; men of power are feared; but only men of character are respected, trusted/entrusted.
A humble beginning often heralds the positive story of almost all historical and existing enigmatic men tied with outstanding feats. Amb. Chief JUDE ALAJEMBA’s meteoric rise to prime isn’t far from that of other rare achievers and social welfarist and philanthropist compatriots whose immense contribution to their immediate and extended communities had come to distinguish them as men with deep milk of human kindness and pace-setting vision.
Greek Socrates (470–399BC) once posited that “whoever wishes to move the world, must first move”. Amb chief JUDE ALAJEMBA “CHINAECHENDO” humble move to social limelight started in Amihie, Orsuihiteukwa ancient clan where he stepped through his primary education at Amihie primary school before proceeding to famous Orsu-ihiteukwa secondary school “OISS”. Through mere dint of cheer passion for learning and growth, he later acquired an OND and as well bagged HND in business administration and management from RONIK POLYTECHNIC. Being an education enthusiast, Distinguished Amb. Jude further found academic love and read Political Science (B.Sc.) with the famed Lagos State University (LASU), AKOKA campus in 2004.
A loving husband and worthy father to beautiful children, this easy-going and meticulous business icon, grassroots and versatile political image-maker of Orsu origin has continued to distinguish himself in every sphere of human endeavour as a prosperous business mogul, experienced tourist, academician, social crusader, leader and philanthropist with proven positive antecedents in diaspora from Germany, USA, France, Ethiopia and Dubai where he has made both material and ideological inputs vis-a-vis business seminars and impacting lives. As a committed advocate of “onye aghala nwanneya” principle, he recently doled out over half a million(₦500,000) to the random number of Orsu sons and daughters through direct cash transfer of ₦5,000(five thousand each) to cushion the harsh realities of COVID -19 pandemic heat. As CEO of Judexchamp Nig LTD, Amb. Chief JUDE ALAJEMBA has also served at various capacities as head of business unions and political crusader in and outside Nigeria.
Having gone through disciplined, perseverance and tenacity, he distinguished himself as one of major Orsu born charismatic pacesetter (unlike the typical characters of certain opportunistic self-styled political Brutus), Amb Chief JUDE ALAJEMBA, “CHINAECHENDO” rather threaded the part of humble but heroic entry into Orsu and IMO political terrain and was able to facilitate the mechanism for dowsing the seeming tension and fragile chaotic predisposition whispering everywhere within the political class in IMO and Orsu in recent past. His immeasurable contribution first shot him up to the position of Orsu LGA APC apex leader, and ultimately earned him another branded meritorious nomination for Peace Award which was conferred on him by the IMSG Engr Peter OHAGWA led IMO Peace Advocate Corps (IPAC) as Ambassador of Peace early 2018. The unassuming personality of Amb. Jude ALAJEMBA has in no little measure continued to endear him to friends, business colleagues, associates, strong fanbase and well-wishers alike among whom in far away from Philadelphia, USA recognized and recommended the gifted leadership traits in this proud Orsu son for Mayoral Award in 2016 by crown friends club of Nigeria.
On Sunday 13th September 2020, all roads led to the Obiede Amihie country home of Amb. Chief JUDE ALAJEMBA, CHINAECHENDO Na Orsu, to mark the historic fanfare and grande cultural fiesta…the official making of “OZO OKPUTOROKPU” Orsu ihiteukwa. Our distinguished presence was requested to join the entourage of dignitaries, corporate staff, friends, well-wishers, good and loving people of Orsu-ihiteukwa clan and Orsu LGA to witness in solidarity, the adorning of this great leader with the traditional ozo title as “CHINAECHENDO nkembu na Orsụ.”
A Sacred High Mass /Thanksgiving held at Sacred Heart Catholic Parish Orsu Ihiteukwa by 9 am set the ball rolling for the memorable ceremony amid pomp and pageantry.
Amb. Jude ALAJEMBA has proven that true foundation of character and fame are built not by mere lecture or leisure but by bricks of selfless and committed contributions laid day by day in championing the cause for an improved humanity. “To whom the cap fits, let him so wear it.”(Convent Caput Mitra Portem illium)


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