IMSU and unending sexual abuse of students in higher institutions


Since last week the Imo State University Owerri has been trending in the media over a viral video showing the naked image of a professor allegedly involved in sexual abuse of a student in another sex for mark incident. It was alleged that the lecturer had already fleeced the girl of 150k and was not satisfied until his amorous desire is gratified.
The girl reportedly engaged the help of security operatives to quench by force the uncontrolled sexual feelings of the randy lecturer who was caught massaging his manhood. Another report has it that another lecturer is involved in a related issue. The school authorities have reacted promptly by slamming them with suspension.
Sex for marks is part of the rot that has characterized our higher institutions of learning which got the attention of the National Assembly to legislate stringent laws to keep it in check. It would seem that the law is yet to act as a deterrent to some of these morally challenged teachers. It is unthinkable that University dons have not learned from the embarrassments their colleagues suffered in similar incidents in other institutions.
Many have commended the student for her courage to expose the lecturer who she felt was crossing the boundaries beyond what she can handle having disclosed reportedly that she was at the terminal stage of her marital rites. There is no doubt that the society would be a better place to living and would be rid of the bad eggs if people could summon courage to expose evils of this nature wherever it can be found and not minding who is involved.
But we would not lose sight of the fact that the girl is not completely free of the offence having allegedly parted with a whooping 150k. If the don has controlled his libido the transaction would have gone unnoticed perhaps like many others like that. This brings to question of who is the actual culprit in this shameful game of give and take.
While lecturers continually allege that students do not read and keep harassing them with irresistible offers the students equally allege that the randy lecturers deliberately fail them in order to lure them to gratify their sexual urges. It is possible there are truths in both claims even though it may have the coloration of your word against mine. This in truth is the tragedy of our education as the nation keeps experiencing poorly certified graduates.
While we have continually had students implicate their teachers in their shameful conduct we are yet to see any lecturer throw up any case of harassment and illicit offers from the students who want to pass by all means. Many parents have allegedly that some of their wards now ask them of money with which to sort lecturers if they must graduate timely.
Edge Express wishes to express serious concern on the level of decay experienced in our schools which is supposed to be a training ground for morals where students conduct are molded for a greater role in the society. We are not surprised that the society has continued to go down on all indices in spite of all our pontifications to the contrary because those who should put things right are already infested with corrupt tendencies learnt from supposed mentors.
Students who allege that lecturers fail them deliberately may not sound convincing because there is a window of opportunity to seek redress if they think that they are poorly graded when they ought to have passed creditably. They should exercise courage to challenge the lecturers because that is the only way to strengthen the moral fiber of the society. Lecturers should endeavor to control their urges and shun every temptation to take advantage of the students’ weaknesses.
It is hard to convince anyone for whatever reason that a parent would so descend to this level of depravity engaging the age mate of his own daughter to abuse her. We should always put ourselves in the position of the other person in all our actions bearing in mind the law of sowing and reaping.


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