Hon. Ruby Emele: altruistic administrator

Hon. Ruby Emele

By Dr. Joseph Aniemeka Nwachukwu

Like WARREN BUFFET, the great American businessman Hon. Emele (Ruby Precious Stone), believes “If you are in the luckiest of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about other 99%.
Call her the woman with the Midas touch in rebranding and you will be right. Describe Hon Ruby Emele, who is the Special Adviser on Local Government as a troubleshooter and you will be absolutely point-blank.
Hon. Ruby Emele (SA) on Local Government to the Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma can be likened to a successful athlete who has gone round the tracks too many times to count. She has been tried and tested in the World of Administration and has numerous awards and accolades to her credit.
Mrs. Ruby Emele is pointedly referred to as an altruistic administrator, master strategist, bridge builder, a human Dynamo with an unparalleled zeal to make a difference and one who diligently has her finger on the right pulse to bring about the needed-change
The road to greatness is never smooth but Hon. Emele, is glided on it like an Olympic skater and gold ballerina.
She is a well read and rounded personality who is always propelled by dint of hard work and implicit faith in the Almighty God. She is also a political colossus, a professional icon of superlative class who does not need to be understood through esoteric revelation and mystical spirituality.
Hon. Ruby Emele was democratically elected Executive Chairman. Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State in 2010. Undoubtedly, following her sterling administrative dexterity she was unanimously elected the chairman of all the Association of 27 Local Government Councils in Imo State (ALGON) where she practically and convincingly demonstrated her cerebral fecundity, mental capacity and capability.
Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge led her to acquire many more postgraduate/professional qualifications and distinctions from various notable institutions.
In Politics, Hon. Ruby Emele has blazed the entire landscape Iike legend. Her meteoric rise to political stardom has been steady and well articulated. She is inured to treachery as an inspirational leader. Mrs. Ruby is considered in many circles as a woman of many parts who has distinguished herself in diverse spheres.
Admittedly, within a short period, she has recorded great feats under shared prosperity of Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, Governor of Imo State, which suggests that she possesses an analytical and sublimely calculating mind. She has over the years built a concrete and an impregnable wall of integrity, honesty, fear of God, impeccable probity and intimidating academic antecedents.
As a pointer to her love for the shared prosperity of Governor Hope Uzodimma, we shall roll out other critical and monumental achievements, especially now that Imo LGAs are on the fast lane to develop.
Indeed, Hon. Ruby Emele’s accommodative, organizational and mental capacity are unparalleled in this part of the world.
Another intriguing aspect of this consummate humanist is quintessential humility and simplicity. Unarguably, Hon. Ruby Emele an unprecedented visionary symbol, has a profundity of energy enthusiasm and empathy running in her veins.
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