Lessons from inauguration of Pastor Eches Divine Eches as CAN Chairman

Pastor Eches Divine Eches

By Chuks Nwokeji (08034082725)

History was made on August 19th when Pastor Eches Divine Eches was inaugurated as the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, Imo State chapter. It was an event that attracted crème de la crème of personalities in the society, including the CAN president in Nigeria, Rev. Sampson Ayokunle and other notable clerics, past and present top executive members of CAN at national, regional and state levels were also present to grace the occasion. The political class was ably represented as past and present political office holders also graced the occasion. Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma was ably represented by the SSA on Religious Matters, Rev. Nwanebu.
The event may have come and gone but the outcome is pregnant with a lot of lessons from the lifestyle of the present CAN Chairman in Imo State, his leadership qualities and contributions to CAN and the body of Christ in general. He is a man who has tested various leadership positions in CAN. Time and space may not allow me to mention all the positions he had occupied but It’s pertinent to point out that Pastor Eches Divine Eches was the immediate past Imo State Secretary of CAN before he was elected as chairman, he was also the pioneer Chairman of Youth Wing of CAN in Imo State, a one-time bloc leader and other positions too numerous to mention.
In all these positions he occupied in the past, his lifestyle of transparency, probity, accountability and commitment to duty has singled him out. It is also worthy to note that he has an indisputable record as a team player,, a pacesetter, and an open-minded personality, the praises showered on him that day are living proofs of his leadership qualities. In the words of the CAN National President, ‘the election of Pastor Eches Divine Eches was the only election conducted under a free, fair and peaceful atmosphere without rancour or negative reports. He went on to state that it takes a trusted and tested leader like Pastor Eches to attract his physical presence in Imo State. He left his busy office, refused to delegate a representative because he wants to be physically present to inaugurate a chairman who has set the pace in peaceful, free and fair credible election in Imo CAN. It goes a long way to prove the level of acceptance and the character of the man that emerged as CAN chairman in Imo State. More importantly; it is pertinent to note that his election was the most peaceful and generally accepted CAN election in lmo State in recent times. indeed the generality of his acceptability level has no comparison.
The executive members of YOWICAN and the South East Chairman of CAN in South East Zone of Nigeria were not left out in their praises on him. The impacts he made and the legacy he left behind as the pioneer chairman of YOWICAN in Imo State have always remained fresh in their memories.
From the testimonies of executive members of Youth Wing of Christian Association during the Inauguration of Pastor Eches Divine, his selfless quality and leadership services have motivated them as the future leaders to work for the betterment of their generation and the society at large.
His attitude, attributes and contributions in numerous leadership positions he occupied in CAN are practically a written epistle of his outstanding Services to God and humanity.
There are lots of lessons to learn from what happened during the inauguration day as well as the emergence of Pastor Eches Divine Eches as the CAN Chairman in IMO State. First, he took time to prepare himself for exemplary leadership, his emergence was not a product of good luck but a product of good work, from the past positions he occupied he had proved his mettle as a servant leader and a pacesetter in character and conduct. He may be young as CAN chairman in Imo State but the truth is that he is an old hand and old heart in leadership positions. In every leadership positions no matter what happens always do your best and leave the rest, your best will speak for you when the times, another lesson is that if you have not been tested with leadership positions you may not be trusted with leadership positions. The various positions he had occupied in CAN are speaking for him, It has also shown that there a difference between activity and productivity.
In all ramifications, he has done a lot for the Christian Association of Nigeria in Imo State. He used various positions he occupied to bring reposition CAN, he also used his past positions to bring in revolution, discovery, development and harmony in CAN. In the journey of life, we shall be remembered by what we did or failed to do, same is applicable in leadership positions, ket we always understand that in leadership positions we shall be elevated by what we did or failed to do.
There are days of records for work and days of reward for a job well done, there are people within watching that may reward you or recommend and support you for higher responsibility. The position of Pastor Eches Divine Eches as CAN Chairman in Imo State is an eloquent testimony that it pays to render selfless, passionate and sincere efforts in every leadership positions.
Observations based on a keen study revealed that her official activities were filled with dedication, enthusiasm, honesty, zeal, trust, passion, integrity and courage. He is always prepared to contribute his wealth of knowledge and experience to move things forward. If there were challenges under his leadership positions in the past, they were minimal and let us not forget that individual differences will always play out. It is glaring that from the leadership style of Pastor Eches Divine Eches everybody has seen what success and teamwork can breed. He has been able to change the narratives. His determination to run with the vision of the founding fathers CAN and motivate other stakeholders to collaborate with him in the pursuit of excellence in service to God and Humanity.
An unforgettable lesson is that our leaders should bear in mind that a day of commendation for a job well done is real and a day of condemnation for a job badly done is also real. There is a day of labour and a day of favour; there is a day of work and a day of reward, above all; we should bear in mind that our actions and inactions are under the watchful eyes of the public, for there will surely be a day of elevation for more jobs and commendations for what we did to move the society forward or what we failed to do that moved the society with a reverse gear.


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