Ngor Okpala and the burden of ‘Nshiko’ politics: What is really wrong with us?

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One of the known distinguishing features of Crabs is that they are always aggressive among themselves whenever they are together for a purpose, this makes them vulnerable to predators. Their aggressive nature is also responsible for the lack of cohesive spirit among them. When Crabs are together in a contained environment, none of them will allow each other to successfully migrate or move forward. They use their limbs to pull each other down so that none will move forward successfully. This is indeed the classical case of ‘Nshiko Spirit’ which has unfortunately been deep-rooted and pigeon-holed into our politics.
It indeed, mystifies my cerebral instinct that politics and politicking at Ngor Okpala is still at the pedestrian realm which is hamspringing our pace of development.
Leadership in all intent and purposes is concerned with fostering change while the centrality of political governance is service-oriented.
Drawing analogy from Lasswell’s postulation on politics as who gets what, when, possibly how much in our circle of governance is not a misrepresentation. Conceptually, politics is a progenitor while leadership is a product which is socio- culturally contextual.
We don’t need a Nostradamus to believe that our political story so far has not properly reflected in any history dossier. Our political trajectory is still dangling in a cyclonic circuit of the nation’s political hemisphere. Retrogression is still surrounding our political venture due to our inability to take an implicit reflection on the dynamics of our political progression.
However, this reminds me of the words of Max Weber, a German sociologists and political economist “No society attains the greater heights of advancement and transformation without a vivid retrospection and critical evaluation of the dynamics of their socio-historical realities” According to my very good friend, President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States of America ” only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment. The dark reality of the moment is that our success story in politics has been pigeon-holed by so many factors ranging from greed, bellicosity, hatred, betrayal, partisan proclivity, bitterness and mostly pull-him-down syndrome. What Ngor Okpala need is a progressive political leadership that will bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity, development and underdevelopment and also getting rid of the ‘Nshiko Spirit’ in our politics.
Nshiko politics’ is a clear case of cyclonic politics without any sense of direction. ‘Nshiko’ politics is the bane of our development which today is militating against political progressivism in Ngor Okpala. The Nshiko spirit has unfortunately become a constrain to progressive leadership in Ngor Okpala.
The truth is that, Contemporary leadership thinking has metamorphosed from the classical’Nshiko spirit’ to the post-modern dynamics of innovation. Our major contrain and drawback in achieving sustainable political development in Ngor Okpala is the spirit of Nshiko politics which is today taking precedence over capacity and character. It is now obvious that what we need is a fresh political thought as against the uninspiring climate of leadership fatigue being experienced in our polity.
A leadership that is capable of providing a desired politico-structural transformation and socioeconomic development, a leadership that will guarantee the progress of high standard of living with provisions of critical Infrastructure.
What we need mostly now is a new leadership direction that will initiate and hasten the process of change in Ngor Okpala. A new leadership direction that will play a very critical and concrete role in the regeneration, restructuring and reengineering of our underdeveloped clime.
In Ngor Okpala, we have those specialize in the campaign of obloquy . This is their stock-in-trade. They are ready to betray, destroy and pull their brothers down for any slightest opportunity hence there is a peanut. They believe if it is not them it won’t be any other person. No group of people succeeds with this ugly culture.
Rather than setting agenda for our political future , we prefer our usual structural pattern of Nshiko politics which has taken us to no where, rather subjecting us into the drungeon of retrogression. Our people love to set the future aside; rather their interest is only to satisfy the urge of egocentricity. But where are we today, heading to the threshold of relegation? . This is as a result of the spirit of Nshiko politics.
The truth is that , there is an implicit nexus between ideal leadersship and sociopolitical progressivism. Leaders with sense of direction and internal locus-control deal with complexities, uncertainties and ambiguities in governance, they are propellers and drivers of real change who provide an over-arching sense of creativity and a reservoir that navigate and reinvigorates development. Leaders who have the strategic make-up of remodeling the modus of our leadership trigonometry. The question is, when can we boast of such spirit in Ngor Okpala.
Unfortunately, our political leadership has been akin to the proverbial tale of the Tortoise who went to his Inlaw’s house to ask for their Daughter’s hand in marriage but was carried away by the savoury and delicious delicacy offered while a more serious suitor came and took the lady away. This is really unfortunate. By now, Ngor Okpala ought to have been repositioned to the glory of God while our people should have been clapping and singing Halleluyah on daily basis.
Ngor Okpala has become a reference point of political bitterness. We have made politics of brigandage and betrayal our motto. A disparaging/ comparative analogy on other areas will prove me right. Imagine whenever an analogical dissection is made regarding to political permutation in Owerri Zone vis-a-vise Imo state, mention will be made on Uratta Bloc, Mbaike Bloc, Mbaise Bloc, as if Ngor Okpala is forgotten, mention will be made ” plus Ngor Okpala”. Such a caustic and demeaning phraseology is an opprobrium. This “plus Ngor Okpala” epithet seems to be having a direct reflection on our political trajectory voyage. We are yet to produce a Governor, Senator, Deputy Governor, Ambassador, Chief Judge. Despite these crossbars on our political venture, during elections we take our politicking to the fatal extreme. Haba! What is really wrong with us. Could this double standard be attributed to stomach infrastructural engineering and outlandish disposition in power interplay and political bargaining? It is because of this preposterous and survivalist template that has given rise to the stereotypically biased opinion and view of spectators on Ngor Okpala. Can we continue this way? Just like what a made woman at Orie Nguru market said ” dancing naked in orie Nguru market has been her greatest priority” Shall we continue to dance naked in the market all the time? God forbid! This is the time for paradigm shift. So many local Governments in the state may not have up to the number of intellectual heads we have in Ngor Okpala, but a conspicuous difference can be deduced between us and them.
We must allow the spirit of love and brotherliness to always dwell in us by eschewing hatred, greed, envy and bitterness. We must go back to the drawing board if we must get it right. We can’t fail to get it right.
In view of this , I advocate for a non-partisan and all inclusive pan-Ngor Okpala development summit where we will talk to ourselves mouth to mouth, eyeball to eyeball and read our various lips.
Finally, I won’t fail to say that those involve in destroying the political future of Ngor Okpala should desist from such and join in the train of building a new Ngor Okpala. My finger is at the trigger, if they continue, very soon I will press the trigger and whoever that gets the hot bullet should not blame me.


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