Corruption, insecurity may sink Nigeria


There are obvious signs that given the manner things are occurring in Nigeria if care is not taken the twin problem of corruption and insecurity may sink this country Nigeria touted as the biggest black nation of the world. The potentials of these challenges to humble the country are very high as the country is already tottering on the brink of collapse. With each passing day disturbing tales issuing from these areas trend in our social media.
Issues bothering on insecurity and corruption are no longer news. What is perhaps news is the inability of the country’s leadership to root out the problems. It is bewildering that the twin issues have overwhelmed the nation even as we pretend to be fighting them. Worse, the prevalence of crime arising from these puts to question our moral standing drawing from the fact that the country parades itself as a religious one that promotes the world’s most popular religions.
Edge Express wishes to remark that the prevalence of insecurity and corruption has become a national embarrassment indicating a complete failure of leadership to discharge its social contract to the people. We have continually changed leadership but the situation instead appears to be taking a worse turn. The senseless taking of lives we did not and cannot create for whatever reason defies every reason and casts a slur on our respect for God’s creation as well the constitution which guarantees freedom of life.
For sometimes now the killings in Southern Kaduna and other areas which precipitated the mass protest of women walking half naked in the area has persisted without attracting any solution from the government to end the perennial crises. Commentaries from observers seem to condemn and suspect that the body language of government is fueling the crisis. Crisis is an ill wind that blows no one any good. The losses in terms of lives and property cannot be quantified. Who can ever put a worth on the value of human lives lost?
We call on the government to rise to this challenge to discharge creditably its responsibility. Need we remind that it is the primary responsibility of government to protect lives and properties? That crises have continually played out in a particular area leaves the mind guessing on the effectiveness and efficiency of the security machineries at work to safe guard the country. The concern of the situation is further underlined by the efforts of the governors to meet with President Buhari. We commend the effort and pray that the outcome of the interaction will put an end to the senseless killings.
There are pockets of insecurity all over the nation ranging from the Boko Haram attempt to overrun the country to banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling, armed robbery attacks, cultism, herdsmen attack etc all of which have deep negative impact on the economy of the nation. So much resource which could be deployed in other meaningful development efforts is wasted in waging senseless wars. The country thus loses in wanton destruction as well as in sacrificing scarce resources.
Another hydra headed monster is the overwhelming corruption vice which has become our way of life. There is no aspect of our lives that it is not manifest. Every effort of the government to curb it appears to resemble a throw of sand on a monolith. Corruption lives in the government and at a very high level. When the head is rotten every other part of the body gets infected. Everything seems to indicate that the government has ran out of ideas in curbing corruption.
Recently President Buhari blurted out his disappointment that the people he trusted have betrayed him. The rot and stench oozing out from an interventionist agency like the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and others like it is sufficient to take down any nation. It is so disgusting that those involved in the show of shame are those who are supposed to be protecting their constituents. This is like a dog eating the bone hung on its neck for safe keeping.
The NDDC rot is one of those tendencies that characterize our public offices. It is everywhere you go. The country stinks to high heaven in corruption and the putridity can infect and decimate the people. There is hardly any nation that is free of corrupt practices but the magnitude of ours lacks definition. The threat by the Trade Union Congress, (TUC) to mobilize actions in condemnations of the prevalent grafts underscores the depth we have degenerated in stealing public funds.
Edge Express therefore calls on the government to take very stringent measures in recovering all stolen public funds and mete the appropriate sanctions to all those found guilty no matter their status. Government should appreciate that its response to the monumental NDDC frauds and others like it is a barometer to gauge its preparedness to root out corruption. We support every move by the government to deal corruption a deadly blow.
So many probes have taken place in the past and the suspects are still walking the streets free. This perhaps accounts for the reason others have been so bold in indulging in such crimes. Fighting corruption should actually go beyond mere rhetoric. It should be strong enough to generate both strong punitive and deterrent actions. There is no better time to save this country than now if we must save our tomorrow.


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