Uzodimma’s appointees battle over party structure


Ahead of the 2023 general elections, wars of supremacy and attrition over the control of APC party structure have already commenced in several local government areas of the state.
Some appointees have started working hard to outwit one another in a bid to emerge candidates of the party, especially in the House of Assembly.

In one local government area in Owerri zone, a Commissioner and an Interim Management Committee(IMC) Chairman are hardly in talking terms today with each shunning events organized by the other as both of them are bitterly laying claim to leaderships of the party in that local government area. As a result, the pro-Uzodimma APC in that LGA is silently divided along the lines of Commissioner and the IMC chairman.

The supremacy battle is also in one of the populous LGAs which has many political heavy weights in APC.The Commissioner from this LGA is battling for his political survival as he has had to face an avalanche of accusations of disloyalty to the party leaders.

Also the forthcoming Okigwe Senate re-run has brought about deep division within the rank of Governor Uzodimma’s appointees, as appointees are backing different aspirants in the hope of benefitting in the 2023 House of Assembly elections.

Last week during a stakeholders meeting called by a prominent Okigwe zone leader, supporters of an IMC chairman and a Commissioner violently clashed leaving two persons injured.

The scenario is the same in Orlu zone. While the Commissioners and IMC Chairmen are busy building their structures ahead of 2023, their incumbent House of Assembly members are not leaving any stone unturned in ensuring their return.

Some currently serving Special Assistants and Senior Special Assistants are also doing underground strategic moves to outsmart each other in every way possible in the scheme of things.

However, with 2023 still 2 years away, many are beginning to wonder how explosive the forthcoming general election would be, especially as CampHope is already so divided in virtually all the LGAs in the state. Actually these members of CampHope are reckoning that an APC candidate has every chance of emerging victorious against other contestants from other parties.


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