Heartland FC in disarray over the absence of GM

heartland fc

Imo State-owned football team, Heartland FC, Edge Express gathered is in a critical state that needs urgent and pragmatic intervention by the state government.
Our sources disclosed that the club is in disarray over the absence of the general manager, who was saddled with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the club. There is no gainsaying the fact that Heartland, the pride of Imo truly needs a seasoned football administrator and not a politician to pilot the affairs of the club. Heartland FC is in dire need of an articulate, well experienced, competent and seasoned football administrator full of energy to strike the difference.
Indeed, this is the critical and actual time for it in order to save the club from the doom and total destruction, especially as the new NPFL tournament, draws closer each day. If nothing is done urgently, the club risks being thrown into perpetual oblivion that would take a longer time for it to come back alive.
Regrettably, the club is already in shamble following the exits of key players and officials for non-payment of salaries and emoluments. Thus nothing serious seems to be happening in the club since the dissolution of the board by Governor Uzodimma. Both the players, management and the entire staff of the club are in a state of confusion, not having a clear direction of where the club is heading for. They are already owed salaries for more than six months. This ugly situation had led to pulling out of the state for greener pastures, and if this continues Heartland would be left without players.
The NPFL would soon kick-off, yet Heartland appears not to be ready, either in team structure or in management. This portends serious danger for a team Imolites hold so dear in their hearts.
The Governor should, as a matter of urgency save our darling club, Heartland FC, the pride of Imo from going into extinction through appointing an experienced, objective, purposeful, decisive and coordinated general manager to pilot the affairs of Heartland.


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