That ban of ENTRACO on Imo roads, a wrong step

Mac Donald

Last week the Imo government banned the Environment Transformation Commission (ENTRACO) from its activities on Imo roads. This decision stemmed from the overwhelming complaints and protests inundating the authorities over the unwholesome actions of the Entraco boys operating on the roads. This decision was received with jubilation among motorists especially the commercial drivers.
The government has been hailed for this decision as well. Even with the applause some others view the government’s action as throwing away the baby with the bathwater. In truth while it may be a fact that the Entraco boys may have over reached themselves through overzealousness in the performance of their duties it would also seem that the government may have also over reacted in their decision.
It would not be right to say that the effort of the commission has not added value to beautifying the city which is part of its responsibilities. The chaotic nature of road traffic in Owerri city for instance around Douglas was assuming some semblance of sanity before the commission got this kick. The dangers of running against traffic on one way road were also being contained. People were already getting used to adjusting themselves to these new rules as well.
The withdrawal of the boys from the roads has a lot of implications. Aside from subtracting from its duties it has the tendency of lowering the morale of the officials who have done so much to project the image of the government. If there is anything visible being noticed about the government, it the agency’s effort through its boss who is always on air engaging the public on who how to keep the environment clean.
Again, the government may have given out itself as susceptible to pressure and incapable of managing the public reactions on its policies. Indirectly, the government may have sanctioned the prevailing disorder which characterize our environment and for which the agency is struggling to stamp out. It would also encourage further protests on the other activities of the agency which may also compel the government to finally scrap the commission and its activities when the complaints gets louder in the ears of the government.
Edge Express is not comfortable with the development and wished that the government would have done better in terms of managing the situation. It acted and hastily and appear to have shot itself in the leg. The revelation is that the government may have mobilized the wrong set of people to run its operations. It ought to have trained them adequately to appreciate the implications of its actions on the society.
Alternatively, it should have introduced very strong consequence management in its processes which should take away the bad eggs in the system and acted as a deterrent to others. This should aim at introducing sanity in the system. Besides, it could have recruited a set of enlightened youths whose exposure may whittle down the effect of the actions that gave rise to the government decision. The abuse stemmed more from the operators who are desperate at getting rich quick and so resort to extortion and harassment of motorists to part with money.
Edge Express notes with dissatisfaction that Imo people like many other Nigerians have no respect for the rule of law. It should be noted that the ability of the government to deliver on our expectations is dependent on the willingness of the citizens to be compliant with the governing laws. All of us one or another helps to shape the society and as we make our beds so we lie on it. We cannot be crucifying government when we are not ready to support her with good behavior. We suggest the government should review its action.


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