Anozie calls for revival, documentation of Igbo culture

Igbo cultural cap

Oha Ambrose Anozie has stressed the need for total revival and comprehensive documentation of Igbo culture and tradition.
He made a strong and passionate case for preservation of Igbo culture, during a recent media chat in Owerri.
Anozie, who is an indigene of Umuedede Umuonyeche in Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State, tasked Oha Na Eze Ndigbo and other relevant Igbo Social Cultural Organizations to champion the documentation of Igbo culture.
This he said will help to educate the younger generation about Igbo cultural heritage as well as help to preserve Igbo cultural identities from going into extinction.
His words “if Igbo culture should be documented like the Bible, it will help to preserve the people’s cultural heritage, every community migrated from somewhere if olden days activities of many Igbo communities were documented many people would have known where they originated and how they arrived to settle down at their present community.”
He went further to explain that the just concluded Oru Owerri Festival has always received prominent attention and cherished by both old and young indigenes of Owerri because the history of their origin from Uratta in present day Owerri North are well known to all sons and daughters of Owerri Nchi ise, both old and young.
In the words of Anozie “nothing is fetish about Oru Owerri, the celebration is as good as when Christians are celebrating Christmas. As a devoted Christian I will not be part of any fetish practice in my community and anywhere in the world.
Advising the younger generation, he called on parents to compel their children to always speak Igbo Language and always carry them along during cultural festivals so that they will not forget their history and cultural identity.
Following his observations to negligence of Igbo Language and culture in states like, Imo, Abia, and Ebonyi, he predicted that in the next 20 years Igbo language will begin to go into extinction from the above mentioned states.
He maximized the opportunity presented by the media chat to caution parents who don’t teach their children Igbo Language to shun such attitude.
Oha Anozie who was concerned about increasing moral decadence, fallen standard of education and negligence to Igbo cultural identities, equally advocated that Igbo Language, History and Geography should be made compulsory in the secondary school, this he said will help the younger generation to know much about their origin and cultural identity.


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