How does Governor Uzodimma sleeps at night? 

Mc Donald Enwere

Frankly speaking, this question has long been incubated in my mind and I’m still giving it a deep introspection. The question has continued to trouble my mind and kept me in a cocoon of staggered bewilderment.
With the recent development of events in the state’s sociopolitical landscape, I wonder how the Governor sleeps at night with two of his “naked” eyes closed, snoring comfortably with relaxed nerves. I wonder how the Governor feels seeing the state turning into a theater of dilapidated animation, where the hope of the masses have been striped naked. 
Politics apart, leadership in all intents and purposes is concerned with fostering change- change borne out of genuine concern for the wellbeing of the people while the centrality of political governance is service-oriented. 
Conceptually, politics is a progenitor while leadership is a product which is culturally contextual. Contemporary leadership thinking has metamorphosed from the classical superstitious belief of parochialism, greed and egocentrism to post-modern dynamics of innovation and positivism. 
According to Franklin Roosevelt ” only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment”. The dark reality of the moment is that Imo state is in retrogression. The trend of retrogression in the state has become highly astronomical. The state’s political firmament has been dominated with events of agony. Everyday, poor and vulnerable pensioners are on the street shedding tears and crying out blood from their eyes begging for  payment of their pension. Civil servants have become tired of protesting, they have now resorted to supplication and fasting, appealing to the maker of the universe to touch the heart of the Governor who has declared them as ghost workers, to pay them their salaries. Contractors have remained helpless, always marching on the streets demanding for their payment. 
Every segment of the public is wounded. Even those serving under the present Government are dying silently. Come to think of the roads, all the major roads in the state have turned into a death trap. Those leaving at Nekede, Ihiagwa have remained trapped due to dilapidated roads. What about those leaving at Naze-Ogbo osisi, World bank, Umuguma, their matter have become a “closed case.” Everyone is crying, calling for God’s intervention. The people who are supposed to be placed at the center of governance culture have remained shortchanged and turned into an object of political caricature. 
With all these, one still wonders how the Governor sleeps comfortably at night. Is either the Governor has murdered his conscience or he is in a cold war with his conscience. It is only a man with the heart of Pharoah or Nebuccadenezzer can continue to harden his heart after seeing the people crying and suffering mercilessly.
Where is the courage of our conscience? Every human being is  said to be born with a moral conscience which lies at the foundation of moral law. It is principally from the moral law that natural Justice and equity arise. 
The truth is that, governance is not a tea party or safari walk for any kind of jamboree, it requires sound intellectual engagement and knowledge.


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