Obasanjo’s condolence letter on Late Sen. Buruji Kashamu: Why I concur with the Ota farmer

Sen. Buruji Kashamu

Obasanjo is at it again. OBJ is lettered for nauseating unapologetic strong stance, even unto the dead. To some, Obasanjo and Kashamu case is a case of pot calling kettle black, but that is immaterial and inconsequential here.
Recently, the Ota farmer scripted a concise condolence letter addressed to Ogun State Government, on the death of the former Senator, Buruji Kashamu, who died of COVID 19 at the First Cardiology Hospital, Lagos on Saturday 8th, 2020, Chief Obasanjo although expressed sadness over the demise of the late Lawmaker representing Ogun East Senatorial District, but was quick to remind everyone of late Buruji Kashamu’s alleged offenses and how he repeatedly escaped extraditions.
The letter in the view of many seems a mockery of the dead, especially when he stated that Buruji Kashamu could not escape the cold hands of death after he escaped extraditions on account of alleged crimes.
Let me state quite expressly succinctly, that I totally agree with Olusegun Obasanjo that, “The life and history of the departed have lessons for those of us on this side of the veil”. Again, I totally agree with the Ota farmer because his condolence letter gives way for personal thoughts about the life we are living and ways to make things better.
Reminding us of the alleged crimes of the dead to me doesn’t amount to making a mockery of him, as errornouesly believed by many.
I don’t give-in to, “do not mock the dead mantra” that has come up in pity of Kashamu. If Abba Kyari died and we spoke up against his roles in a failing APC-led Federal Government, and if we have views relating to wrongs done by Kashamu, we must have the big balls to speak up as well.
The sad reality and very disturbing part is that those that are criticizing OBJ today for pointing out the crimes committed by Senator Kashamu while alive were the same people that were calling for the crucifixion of Kashamu while alive. I don’t believe in sycophancy. Reminding the living about the mistakes of the dead is never a mockery but a great sacrifice for the living to correct their mistakes while alive before death knocks. Pouring unsolicited encomiums on the dead and ignoring the heinous atrocities commited by such person while alive, to me is the height of posthumous sycophancy which we must learn to do away with.
Ndi-Igbo say, “egbe niile ga-ala na uzu” – all guns must pass through the burning furnace of the blacksmith. It’s Kashamu today. It could be Obasanjo tomorrow. It may be anybody next tomorrow. We must learn to keep our paths straight waiting for the celestial ascension. We must at all times be ready to return to our Maker, and respond when the call comes. The point is – do not be caught unprepared, expecting the living to pour encomiums on you after death. Or let us not think that after committing series of atrocities here on Earth, death will be our escape route. We must learn to speak against evil whether clothed with the garment of death or not. Truth is always bitter. Having the courage to speak out is most legendary. We cannot continue to live in deception and lies giving credence to impunity and criminality.
Some are saying that Obasanjo has no justificatory morality to criticize late KASHAMU, to me this is highly sycophantic and deceptive. What matters here is the substance of the condolence letter and not the writer. Whenever OBJ dies, men of goodwill and intrepid courage like us will also speak out.
The truth is that, the life we live on Earth is like a barometer. It will be difficult to be extinguished on the sand of times.
Even though, Kashamu Buruji may not be a saint, however, Olusegun Obasanjo is also no better. The truth is that, the truth must be told by men of truth no matter whose ox is gored.
Adieu Sen. BURUJI Kashamu. We pray God to forgive you all the crimes you committed and grant your soul a blissful repose. I rest my case.


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