Imo private schools ready for resumption-Mbakwe

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By AFAM Echi

The Chairman, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), in Imo State, Chief Theo Mbakwe, has given indications that private schools are fully ready for resumption of schools for the exit classes.
He made this known in his office Monday while speaking to journalists on the issues affecting schools resumptions. Mbakwe confirmed that the controversial issues bothering on schools resumption with the Ministry of Education have been resolved.
It would be recalled that accusations had trended the social media very recently to the effect that the Ministry was charging each school the sum of N30, 000 for fumigation of each school, an action which the proprietors resisted. The government also denied that.
The Chairman happily announced that after all the interactions back and forth with the Ministry the school proprietors were instructed to go and fumigate their schools on their own arrangements but under the monitoring of the Ministry. He added that the government also claimed to have fumigated all the public schools and were waiting for the compliance of the NAPPS members before announcing the reopening of schools.
The head of the proprietors noted that those who had already paid the usual N5000 for fumigation will obtain the services without additional cost while those yet to do so will pay the present negotiated fee.
Federal government directive was that schools should open by August 4, an instruction which has been complied with in many states after the fulfillment of the necessary conditions. While it was learnt that schools have resumed in other states where their governments provided the necessary Covid-19, Imo State government is yet to fully do so. Government only provided support to the public schools.
The NAPPS chairman warned sternly that any monitoring of the compliance issues by government officials should focus on the Covid-19 alone and no other. He insists that they will not tolerate any distraction from anybody such as asking for accreditation or other unrelated matters.
The leader of the proprietors also used the occasion to call on its members not to indulge themselves in any form of exploitation of parents hiding under the Covid-19, adding that each respective school is to furnish him with a confirmation of compliance in writing on the fumigation matter.
The fumigation exercise is expected to be completed within two days after which the government will officially announce school resumptions. WAEC examinations are expected to commence Monday, August 17.


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