Speak partners love language to sustain relationship-Erondu

Mrs. Ogechi Erondu

By AFAM Echi

A relationship expert, Mrs. Ogechi Erondu, has asked partners in relationships to speak each other’s love language in order to revive their failing relationships.
She made the admonition at the weekend during a HeartTalk Seminar for Singles and Married which took place at the HeartTalk Event Centre, 11 Oduobi Crescent, Ikenegbu Layout Owerri.
The Seminar was anchored on the topic”What do you do when the feelings dies off in marriage or relationship.”
She advised partners to remain friends in relationships adding that it takes two to make a marriage work because according to her it becomes burdensome to a partner who is doing all the work or bearing all responsibilities.
Asking the questions is feelings love and what kills the feelings the marriage counselor stated that it is natural for feelings, to go down but the love remains. She indicated that what kills marriage could be minor things which if given attention will keep it afloat.
The author of relationship books expressed concern that most partners are lonely in their marriages and in the interactive session some of the participants indicated the signs that show when the feelings have gone down in relationships.
She cautioned that choice of partners should not be dependent on feelings which will surely disappear.
As a recipe to revive and sustain failing relationships, the school proprietor advised partners to study their spouses same way they master their professions. She stated that by doing so they would understand the language of love of each other which they can play up to rejig their love.
She emphasized that when things appear to fall apart they should go back to the beginning when the love first started (when they discovered themselves) adding that the moment partners stopped keeping faith to the attractions that brought them together the love will go down.
The language of love she identified which she claims most people appreciate include words of affirmation, that is admiring ones look or dress, act of service-helping a partner in activities, gifts, giving quality time and personal touch.
Earlier in the talk, Mr Erondu, another marriage counselor and the husband, had reminded men that they must have more love in a relationship just like Christ had for the adherents if their relationship would not fail. He also warned partners not to deny each other sex even as he advised them to cease from un-forgiveness, excuses, and high handedness etc which are potential ingredients for a failed marriage.
The two hour sessions was richly rewarding to the participants. The HeartTalk program it was revealed is a periodical seminar designed to provide solutions to people to maintain and sustain a healthy relationship among the singles and married.


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