How Okorocha aborted Africa’s biggest private hospital -Njemanze

Dr. Njemanze

Revelations have emerged on how Senator Rochas Okorocha allegedly aborted Africa’s biggest private hospital when he held sway as the governor of Imo State.
Dr Philip Njemanze, who is the Medical Director Chidicon Medical Centre made the revelation in his office in an interaction with Edge Express last week, as he narrates his ordeal in the hands of Okorocha while extolling the boldness of the judiciary in the judgment that returned his property.
An Owerri High Court presided over by Justice N.B Ukoha last week executed its judgment of November 28, 2019 during which it ordered the return of the property on which the Empire Filling Station was built to its rightful owner, Dr Philip Njemanze who operates the Chidicon Medical Centre.
Consequently, by order of the Court the gas station has been sealed. While expressing satisfaction with the judgment, Njemanze regretted that the action of the government aborted the opportunity to have the biggest private medical center in Africa. The medical outfit was primed to be a center of excellence and its construction was at the foundation stage before the government revoked the statutory right of occupancy.
He alleged that what brought about the issue was the abortion law which Rochas Okorocha signed into law and which will kill any child in the womb of the mother from conception to the 9th month and they stood very strong against it and because of that he took personal retribution against him.
Hear him, “he took all my properties not just that one, everything that I had that was land were confiscated by Rochas Okorocha. Now that the court of the land has returned the place I will take possession of the land and continue to build my medical center as it was planned originally. The sealing of the filling station is an actualization of justice.
“The land measures 5 hectares. The original hospital was to have 2 helicopter landing parts. That place was one of the seven networks we want to set up. We wanted to use that place to bring back Nigerians who were at about my level that is those overseas who will likely retire from 5-10 years, most of them were my colleagues when I was in the U S.
”Their vision was that in the last 10 years of their service they will spend it here. And this center will provide a center of excellence which they could use to train people in postgraduate medicine to take over and continue the path. It was supposed to be a place for transfer of technology and talents for people from Nigeria.
“There were about 32 major departments that would be at that center and these are thirty two top specialists both in the US and Europe who were willing and ready to retire from what they were doing overseas. Rochas terminated that dream and created a situation people became skeptical even to help their own people including the government. This is because of the unpredictable illegal ways of doing things. We are not going to give up on our dreams. We are studying all the options available.
“People’s confidence will return because they now know that there is a trusted judicial system. In fact, it would have been one of the best private medical centers in Africa if we had completed it. The truth is that we had a very irresponsible governor who stuck to his gun even when this was clearly explained to him. His hatred for me over rode all his rationale sense of judgment”, he concluded.


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