School resumption without COVID-19 compliance will be sanctioned-Imo lawmaker


There are indications that the date for the resumption of schools in Imo remains an uncertainty even while other states have geared themselves to fling the doors wide open for their schools.The pointer to this effect emerged when Edge Express spoke to a committee member on Education in the State House of Assembly who chose to speak on the condition of anonymity. When asked about the plans for resumption of schools in the state he had this to say.
”My brother our committee is not working. No committee is working in the Assembly? Are you not aware that we are on recess?” When reminded of their efforts before the recess or is he saying that the government is not working?
He fired back, ”is the government working? He referred the reporter to the Education Commissioner. He went on, ”our work is to oversee the Executive arm of the government. Whereby the executive arm of the government doesn’t have their committee, they don’t know what they are doing, what are we going to oversee?
”We will ask them when we resume about what is really going on. But for now they don’t even know what to do? If they try to resume schools without proper preparation we will sanction them.” The Assembly is slated to resume in October.
When the Commissioner for Information was contacted he stated that the government is yet to announce the resumption date. ”The government has not announced the reopening of school but it will soon be announced. All arrangements are in top gear to make sure that the necessary COVID-19 instructions are observed”, he informed.
A female teacher of Owerri City School who was seen leaving the school premises yesterday indicated that they were asked to go by the Principal because the school is yet to reopen. The teachers had reported according to them based on the Federal government’s resumption date of August 4.
She indicated that the school was getting ready as children have been asked to pay N500 per pupil to buy buckets for hand washing adding that there is information that the school has been fumigated.
The Federal government last month gave an August 4 date for school resumption to enable those at the terminal stages; the JSS 3 and SSS 3 to write their qualifying exams. The Federal government has authorized the reopening of schools subject to meeting some conditions.
In neighboring Rivers State the government has put plans in place to resume by providing the materials to control the spread of COVID-19. Abia State has scheduled to reopen on the 10th of August.


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