Ihedioha’s epochal arrival to Imo: An account of an unbiased eye witness Prince MacDonald Enwere

Ihedioha Arrival

Joke apart, and without any modicum of sentiment, with the multitudinous sea of decorated human heads and gallaxy of beautiful faces I saw that coalesce at Sam Mbakwe airport on Thursday, 30th July 2020, for the epochal reception of His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha on his grandiloquent arrival to Imo state, something in me intimated me to the fact that certainly this is the man Imolites voted for.
Frankly speaking, I have come to realize that the grace of God is the only vortex that underpins the life of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha. It is only a man with abundant grace of God can attract such show of deep love and joint solidarity. If figures are indeed the only factor in politics, the mammoth crowd I saw on Thursday at Dee Sam Mbakwe airport was a justificatory reaffirmation of the people’s avowed mandate to Hon Emeka Ihedioha. Even though I am aware of rented crowds by politicians who will always give an impression of a stage-managed and fake popularity, but the Thursday assembly and gathering of Imolites for Hon Emeka Ihedioha was real as the air. The Flora and fauna at the vicinity of Umuohiagu airport could bear me witness.
My God, I have never seen this kind of true love for a Nigerian politician from his people before. What I witnessed on that day- outpouring of emotional solidarity, jubilation and real love conspicuously written on the emotion- filled faces of Imolites at the airport is a testamentary evidence and demostrative prove of the love Imolites have for the Mbutu Mbaise – born referential political leader.
The one that melted my heart was the chanting of jubilant song of ” Ihedioha don come oooo! Ihedioha don come oooo!! Ihedioha don come oooo!!! You no-go gree, you no-go gree , you go greeooo!!!!. I was agape seeing the mammoth crowd both the old and the young , everybody singing with heart full of happiness, jubilating and waving hands to the man they voted for.
The outpouring of celebratory emotions, unsolicited show of solidarity and over-heard reaffirmation by Imolites on Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha on that declarative Thursday at Imo airport was hallucinatory. The imagery, the concept, the virtual picture of what happened at Imo airport cannot be extinguished from the sand of times.
His movement from the airport to Owerri en route Mbaise on that same day witnessed a crowd of jubilant Imolites who lined up at the roadside from Owerri to Mbaise dancing, shouting, jubilating and waving celebratory hands to the man they all voted for. There was an effervescence of deep joy in the air signaling the dawn of a new era in Imo state. Watch out, the significance of this celebration will soon hit the land.


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