Igbos behind herders in South East -Ochulor


Revelations have emerged that the menace of the herdsmen in the South East which has attracted the hues and cries of the citizens are actually orchestrated by business men of Igbo extraction.
This revelation was made by the former first military administrator of Delta State, Air Commodore Dr (Chief) Luke Ochulor in an exclusive chat with Edge Express at his Okpofe country home.
Ochulor who spoke while fielding questions on the security situation in the country stated that it is Igbo men that bring the herders to the South East and challenged the reporter to do his investigations on the matter.
Said he, “I tell you honestly what you have said now is quite unfortunate. Normally without farming people here cannot survive. The problem is who are the owners of the cattle? You must ask that question. You better go and investigate.
“The owners of the cattle are also from this South East. They use the herders to rear their cattle. If you don’t bring them, if you don’t invite them to rear cattle for you, they will not be here.”
Proffering solution he stated that, “they are the ones bringing them but they will go and hide under Miyetti. For them it is business but they should know that if you want to rear cattle the best thing to do is to create your own ranch. They should buy land establish their ranch and people will come there to patronize them. When you allow your cattle to roam around in the name of one Nigeria, it doesn’t make sense.
“Our people are involved. The problem which they should look deeply into is that Boko Haram could be involved in cattle rearing. They have been trying to come down here in the South but they are being stopped by soldiers. If they would have their way they would bring too and start fighting down here. Boko Haram and ISWAP may be involved in the cattle rearing leading to killing of people.”
This disclosure rattles many observers who have since been lamenting the destructive activities of herders in the South East which has discouraged farm work.
There are reports of herders sacking farmers from earning a living from their farm work. This situation it is indicated has resulted to creating hardship, food insecurity and unemployment among the people.
It will be recalled that recently an Owerri based lawyer who took advantage of the forced COVID-19 holiday to teach the kids farm work was frustrated because of the devastation wrought on the farm by cows.
Our investigations reveal that many farmers within Owerri Federal constituency have deserted their farms for fear of being killed or have their products destroyed by cattle and this has increased food scarcity.


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