Hope rises in Ohaji/Egbema, as IMC chairman reaches grassroots


The government of shared prosperity led by Senator Hope Uzodimma is earnestly reflecting on the good people of Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area, since the inception of Hon. Marcellanous Amadioha as the Interim Management Chairman of the council.
Hon. Amadioha’s administrative policy is focused on the three cardinal thrust of good governance agenda of the Senator Uzodinma’s administration, for the repositioning of the state for effective distribution of resources and also to meet the demands of development.
Since the inception of Hon. Amadioha, the Ohaji/Egbema environment is wearing a new look. What it depicts is that the area has found peace. Because the man who knows the job has taken over the council, and everywhere shows that there is hope for the good people who are predominantly farmers. Beyond hydrocarbon richness, Ohaji/Egbema is also known as the food basket of the nation.
The Egbema born politician whose late father was one of the famous politicians in the local government, state and nation Late Chief Richard Amadioha, is proving that he is a well bred son of his father who knows when to garnish for superb risottos. He knows what to do to give the people befitting good governance they have been longing for, over two decade of democracy in Imo.
Hon. Amadioha has tactically followed the dreams of Senator Uzodimma, in order to ensure that the governor’s menu is richly served to the good people of Ohaji/Egbema, by opening the council headquarters in Mmahu for all, not minding party affiliation. He is not looking at the party but, he is considering technical-know-how, as the bedrock of enhancing productivity in the council.
This is the reason, he has mobilized resources to ensure that Ohaji/Egbema environment is kept clean for healthy life style especially this period of coronavirus pandemic disease.
He has employed arsenal to checkmate resources leakages in the council and equally created platform to curb wastages in the local government so that none lives above his/her means.
Under the watch of the Interim Management Chairman, the security system in the council has being beefed up, of which Ohaji/Egbema has the best security network never seen since its existence. As it stands today, the IMC is on constant in touch with the security agencies in the local government. This singular act has contributed meaningfully to reduce the criminality in this hydrocarbon rich area. In fact, there is no longer evil forest in the communities.
Because, Hon. Amadioha is delivering for the people youths, women and men are all happy with the Uzodimma’s administration that brought him to them. As he continues to preside the affairs of the local government with utmost humility and the passion for serving the people, he is likely to lead them out of the shackle of poverty.
Few months of Hon. Amadioha’s administration has recorded tremendous achievements. He has been able to write his name in the golden book of the achievers in the council right from 1976 era when it was Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta Local Government Area to now that it is only Ohaji/Egbema. He seems to be standing taller than all his predecessors. The Interim Management Chairman is doing well in all ramifications, both socio-economic and political development of the people because they are carried along.
He has recently completed some projects inside the council like the building of convenient apartments for the security agencies in the council, while many others which will soon be ready for commissioning are ongoing. Coronavirus pandemic palliatives was peacefully distributed unlike in the past when the distribution would have been compromised leading to troubles in the area. The meaning of this is that Hon. Amadioha has shown that he has the capacity to man Ohaji/Egbema.


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