Outrageous! Uzodimma labels unpaid civil servants ghost workers


All may not have been heard on the salary imbroglio rocking the Imo State government as Governor Hope Uzodinma in a swift turn of events has labeled all the unpaid staff as ghost workers.
This has created panic, shock and anxiety across Imo following the outcry by the affected workers who are now insinuating various motives of the government. There is apprehension that the government wants to hide under the declaration to disengage them from service.
The governor had earlier in the week declared that all legitimate civil servants in the state have been paid up to date. ”Every qualified civil servant and retired workers have been fully paid, my intention is to stop fraud and not to victimize anybody at all,” he said.
He went on to add that since the verification exercise commenced so much money has been saved while the leaking points have been blocked. This comment according to Edge Express investigation has rattled many workers.
As at moment majority of the workers are owed up to five months arrears of salary and pensions. Tuesday the pensioners from the Owerri Municipal for the third time in two months embarked on another round of protests on the streets of Owerri. They had contended that as at June they have only received one month out of the 4 months owed them and that only 25% of the workers were have been paid.
It was not clear if pensioners were also among those branded ghosts. In an interaction with the leader of the Health Workers Union in the state, Mr. Chima Ezeagwuna, he expressed that ”we have resolved the matter this afternoon (yesterday) with the governor and that the Commissioner of Information (Emelumba) is going to make a pronouncement on the matter.
He declined to speak further on the outcome of the meeting with the government. Meanwhile, some of the workers have been reacting differently to the situation and giving a lot of interpretations to the governor’s comment.
Some of the workers who approached our newspaper office declared that they have been in service for so long with years of service ranging from 4 to 20 and could not have been ghost worker. They showed evidence of their engagement with the civil service till date.
”Wondering, how did they conduct the verification to declare us ghost workers after we have submitted our details (BVN, account numbers) as many times as they demanded”, declared one Francisca, a primary school teacher.
It is clear that the salary issue of Imo workers has continued to remain a torn in the flesh of the government and when this would be resolved remains any body’s guess.


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