Imo govt: Time to end the perennial salary imbroglio


Since the inception of the government of Senator Hope Uzodinma, Imo civil servants have been embroiled in an unending salary imbroglio. This contrast sharply with the governor’s promise to pay the workers 25th of every month, a promise which has only be respected in breach. This unsavory situation has in doubt left the workers dejected, frustrated and demotivated. A good labourer it is said deserves his wage.

Given the level of the worsening economic climate orchestrated by the Covid-19 pandemic it is not supported in any way that the workers should be owed a dime. It is also more distasteful that the workers would be owed arrears of wages running into five months. It raises questions and puts a moral burden on the government on how the workers have survived the challenging times confronting them each passing day.

The government has continually hinged and explained the delay in payment on its purported verification. This verification has lasted since the inception of this administration and is yet to be concluded. The government has also continued to raise hope that the challenge is not availability of funds because according to it, it has freed up some funds as a result of the recoveries from bursting the ghost workers menace.

Early in the week the governor appear to have rattled the workers the more with a comment akin to put more fuel in an inflaming inferno when he declared that any unpaid civil servant is a ghost worker. Expectedly, this has attracted sad commentaries from a large section of the workforce who are agitated by the governor’s pronouncement. There are so many things that are not adding up when the government’s claim is juxtaposed with what is on ground from the side of the workers.

Edge Express is concerned that the salary issue has become a torn in the government and the civil servants. While the government has caught a wrong image for itself for seeking to do what should move the state to the next level, the aggrieved workers have been put at great inconvenience. This is an ill-wind that serves none any good. It is the fragile Imo economy that has been at the receiving end. Imo is a state its economy is dependent on the civil service to thrive. It is not industrialized.
We must express that the delay occasioned by the desire to achieve this public good has left a sour taste in the mind of the people and causing a lot of query if the government is genuinely committed to the workers welfare. We have no reason to doubt government’s intention which according to it is designed to save income. We appreciate this effort and would plead that the exercise be concluded expeditiously.

It does not sound right that seven months has been expended and yet inconclusive on the vexed salary issue. It is a serious distraction and we do not expect that the government would deliberately shoot itself on the leg. Imo State cannot be lacking in the skills to manage its payrolls. We are no longer comfortable with this unending challenge which has thrown the state apart.

Edge Express pleads with the government to do all in its powers to end this situation and return the happiness of Imo workers. There is no way productivity in this state can be enhanced under the prevailing condition. Government should end this now. We have had enough cries.


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