Bright Nwelue’s appointment: A major boost to Uzodimma’s administration

Bright Nwelue

By Kennedy Eweama (08035529265)

Despite pockets of criticism and infantile reactionary attacks by some opposition elements in Imo State, Governor Hope Uzodimma has continued to carry out the affairs of governance in the State with renewed vigour and focus. He has remained undaunted by orchestrated distractions targeted at derailing his administration and bringing it to opprobrium.

A pointer to the fact that the governor is focused is his recent appointment of seasoned Imolites to add vigour to his government. The governor, as a broad-minded administrator, has recently been infusing new and capable hands into his government, irrespective of political divides to strengthen the Shared Prosperity government.

This measure has elicited commendations from Imolites across various strata. The governor, by this action, according to the people, has proven that he believes in all Imolites and is most willing to tap from the expertise or contributions of any Imolite who has something positive to offer for the progress of the State.

When an accomplished Media and Public Relations guru cum prolific writer, Dr Ethelbert Okere was appointed Director-General of the Imo State Orientation Agency, many thought it just a smoke screen to massage the ego of the Shared Prosperity government. Okere, an Evangelist and dynamic personality of multiple capacities, reputed for his intellectual pedigree has since brought his wealth of vast experience to bear in the propagation of Imo government’s policies and actions. The Imo people themselves, are better off for it today.

Just as the people were still savouring the gladdening echoes of Okere’s appointment, Governor Uzodimma again, took everybody by surprise by appointing Sir Bright Nwelue, a man of indefatigable, multifunctional and all purpose background as his Special Adviser /Chief of Protocol.

Nwelue can aptly be described as the “beautiful bride” of any administration in Imo State right from the days of Col Tanko Zubairu (rtd) as Military Administrator to the return of democracy in 1999. Apart from the infamous administration of former Governor Rochas Okorocha, Nwelue has remained a house hold name in any government.

Perhaps, one may ponder why Nwelue maintained his distance from Okorocha’s administration. Of course, no person who valued his hard built integrity would wish to be associated with the perfidious reign of Okorocha. Thus, as a contented man, Nwelue kept off, preferring retaining his good image and integrity to anything Okorocha had to offer then.

Today, as the “golden fish without a hiding place”, Nwelue has again been poached by the Uzodimma administration. His joining the Shared Prosperity government is akin to the biblical request by the people of Macedonia to Paul, thus, “please come over to Macedonia and help us”.

Frankly, the governor should be commended for searching for capable hands outside the box. The governor, by Nwelue’s appointment, has shown that he loves all Imolites irrespective of zonal or political party sentiments and therefore, means well for the State. It further proves that the governor cannot, and is not willing to sacrifice hard work and dexterity on the altar of parochial sentiments.

Nwelue himself, is a man of multiple backgrounds whose knack for excellence, hard work and proficiency has continuously endeared him to successive administrations in the State, both military and civilian. Of course, he has become a “Christano Ronaldo (C7)” of some sort in the eyes of every administration in Imo State. This is understandable because every football coach goes for the best player to fortify his team in order to achieve desired success. So, Governor Uzodimma, as an administrative tactician, acted swiftly because he wanted the best hands to drive his administration for the overall benefit of Imo and her people.

Nwelue’s oratory prowess is second to none. It is indisputable. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo after listening to Nwelue act as a compere in one particular government function, couldn’t help voicing out, “indeed, there is something in a name. You are incontestably very bright as your name”.
Apart from the former president’s unarguable assertion, every media practitioner in Imo and Nigeria is at home with the name “Bright Nwelue”. Nwelue is a household name like the mobile network provider MTN. He is everywhere you go.

His profile is astounding. Being a man blessed with amazing idiosyncrasies, he is expected to bring his vast experience to bear in managing the governor’s protocol demands and schedule. He will sure add the breath of fresh air in that sector.

Already, the media practitioners in the State are celebrating Nwelue’s entrance. Known for his bridge building capacity and the panache with which he addresses issues, it is hoped he will assist in smoothening some frayed nerves in that area to the benefit of the Shared Prosperity administration of Governor Uzodimma, after all, governance is teamwork.

As Nwelue settles down to his duties, I immensely thank Governor Hope Uzodimma for bringing on board, a highly resourceful and result oriented man of proven pedigree like Bright Nwelue into his administration. This action reinforces Imo people’s belief that indeed there is hope for the hopeful Imolites both at home and in the Diaspora.


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