IPPF leader canvasses support for Igbo presidency


The Imo State Chairman of the Igbo Presidency Progressive Front (IPPF) Chief Victor Agbukata, has maintained that only a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction could deliver the country from the myriad of challenges currently confronting it.
Chief Agbukata made this declaration on Saturday, July 25,2020, during a meeting of members of the group who had gathered to strategize on their forthcoming national summit.
Chief Agbukata disclosed that Nigeria was greatly in need of the ingenuity of the Igboman to thrive and get re-positioned for progress and growth as a nation. He called on all Nigerians to key into the movement for the actualization of Nigeria president of Igbo extraction, arguing that it would be great injustice to deny Igbos this opportunity which other major tribes in the country have already had so far.
Agbukata said it would be unfair that one of the tripods upholding the country would be so neglected, saying that it is really the reason the country has not moved far since independence in 1960.
He also called on all Igbos to insist on the presidency, come 2023, nothing less and also urged all Nigerians to support the move to transform the country through inclusion of all its parts in the leadership of the country.
The IPPF leader called on his members to remain faithful, patient and not relent in carrying out their message to every where on the need for an Igbo president.


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