IMSU VC and qualities of a transparent public office holder

Adaobi Obasi

Transparency is a basic requirement for dependability and integrity of public institutions in order to promote public trust and public support. In public administration, Transparency guarantees assurance and improves the level of legitimacy in the decision-making process. A transparent public office holder operates in such a way that it is easy for others to see how his actions are performed, he does it with openness, detailed communication and accountability. It is a well-known fact that before any public office holder can achieve transparency in any organization; be it Governmental or Non-Governmental Organization, that leader must provide vital, clear, accurate and timely information about his official activities to stakeholders; This should be done with transparency and accountability. In all the sectors, be it the economic sector, politics, religion or education sector, transparency is used as a means of holding public officials accountable and fighting corruption.
Before any personality at the helm of affairs in any organization could be adjudged as a transparent leader, it must be glaring that he hates corruption, there must also be an empirical or indisputable facts of how he or she has championed open door policy, honesty, accountability and forthrightness, above all he will remain unshakable about it. When one has nothing to hide there will be nothing to cover.
When a leader has written his name in gold as a shining example of transparency, people around him can testify and defend him in open and secret places, simply because they are fully convinced about his actions and inaction. A good example is the reactions of management staffers of IMSU on the allegation that the son of IMSU VC owns Tenesy Professional Services, a firm contracted to collect revenue in the university. Their candid word of advice as published in newspapers asking and admonishing the accusers to google and find out about the owner’s name or approach Corporate Affairs Commission for verification about the ownership of the firm before they begin to feed Imo State Governor, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma and the general public with unfounded and mischievous information; this shows that glaringly the VC’s son is not the owner of Tenesy Professional Services. It also showed that some people know that a lie has been told against the VC before Imo State Governor, Distinguished Senator Uzodinma. Their reaction is a practical demonstration that some people know the truth and can defend her as a champion of transparency, probity and accountability. Is a pointer to the fact some people can vouch for Professor Mrs Adaobi Obasi as a transparent public office holder.
It gladdens the heart to see that insiders are coming out to defend her, it shows she is transparent inside out, is an eloquent testimony that indeed she possesses a sound and indisputable qualities of a transparent public office holder. In any establishment, the success or failure of that organization largely depends on the character of the personality at the helm of affairs. A leader’s attributes are based on the content of his character and not on the apparatus of office. It is also an indisputable fact that the real you in you as a person is not the colour of your skin, the real you in you as a person is the content of your character.
In the journey of life time and season will always expose every negative character; be it fraudulent or dishonest person, one who lacks accountability, a hot tempered person and other negative attitudes too numerous to mention.
Time and season will also expose every positive character be it, honesty, accountability, probity, open door policy, tolerance, team spirit, competence, dependability and other good qualities.
From an observation about the activities of Imo State Vice Chancellor Professor Mrs Adaobi Victoria Obasi, right from the time she came on board as the Vice Chancellor of the state owned University, she has always displayed qualities of a transparent public office holder. Her open door policy is second to none; her lifestyle of handling official matters with articulated carefulness and transparency has earned her the trust of many good spirited staffers and students of the university.
Those who are closer to her always testify that she is afraid to commit the smallest fraud. In the words of the first female Vice Chancellor; ‘my peace of mind matters a lot to me, I don’t want anybody to be dragging me in and out of EFCC office or any panel of Inquiry whenever my tenure expires as Vice Chancellor. I don’t want that, my peace of mind is important to me. I want to keep my office and hands clean for posterity sake’ According to the Holy Book, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, from her approach to issues; any sensitive observer who has been following her can truly understand the abundance of heart for transparency, accountability, honesty and probity, that is why observers and analysts are not surprise how her proven life style of forthrightness and accountability has endeared her to many and brought her immeasurable harvests of meritorious awards. Unfortunately; some desperadoes who are totally displeased about her unshakable stand for transparency are manipulating to replace her by crook have not relented in their crafty moves to ridicule and reduce her hard earned reputation to nothing, but her open door policy and lifestyle of accountability have always been her saving grace.
On several occasions observers and analysts within and outside the university environment have always expressed their pleasant views about how she has displayed absolute carefulness with articulated mannerism and human face in presiding over the affairs of the university in and out of season.
There is living a proof that her desire is to be spotless in all her dealings. Her selfless approach to issues with an unshakable stand in transparency and accountability are glaring and indisputable. Let me finalize with Proverbs 6:16-19 (New King James Version) it says ‘These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven is an abomination to Him, a proud look, a lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies and one who sows discord among brethren’. Politics here in Nigeria is played dirty and filled with political jobbers, sycophants and blackmailers, Governor Uzodinma should guide against actions of these desperadoes and mischievous elements who curry cheap favour with misinformation, these kind of people end up creating more enemies and problems to the governor than solution and they don’t care because their parochial interest has beclouded their sense of reasoning.


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