Irete women thank Gov. Uzodinma for appointing Atulegwu commissioner


The Aladinma Ndom Irete autonomous community in Owerri West LGA have expressed their appreciation to Governor Hope Uzodinma for the appointment of Hon.Noble Abiaso Atulegwu as the Commissioner for Entrepreneurship and skills Acquisition, describing it as an expression of love to the people of Umunwhoha clan of which Irete community is one.
Speaking to our reporter last Monday, July 13, 2020, after an executive meeting of the women group, the president- General, Mrs. Ruth Umah observed that the appointment of Hon Noble Atulegwu had given the people of Irete Community and Umunwoha clan as a whole a sense of belonging, saying that it had never been done before.
Mrs. Umah also stated that Atulegwu’s appointment was welcomed in the community with jubilation owing to the fact that he had always been a community leader with impact on the progress of the people in many areas of life.
She expressed confidence that as a grassroots leader who is well acquainted with the needs of the youths in particular, Hon Atulegwu would discharge his duties as commissioner for entrepreneurship and skills Acquisition with excellence, adding that it was a case of round peg in a round hole.
Though unexpected, the women leader noted that with what Governor Uzodinma had done for Irete Community, their Confidence that more would come had been lifted.
She called on the Governor to always count on the support of Irete Community in the task of fulfilling his 3R policy trust of recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.


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