Governor has no business issuing staff of office

Igwe Onuh

A prominent traditional ruler in the state, His Royal Majesty (HRM) Igwe (Dr.) A. C. Onuh, Orie Ihitte of Ihitte, Ezinihitte, has taken a swipe on the government for its role in issuing staff of authority to traditional rulers in the state.
He made the condemnation in his palace while fielding questions from Edge Express on why the traditional rulers cannot intervene to get government pay its workers in order to stem the hues and cries of their subjects. He claimed that there are few traditional rulers and that what exist in the majority are political kings.
Said he, ”political traditional rulers are those traditional rulers that their appointments come from the state. They emerge without being appointed by their communities. The governor gives them staff of recognition which they call staff of office. Governor has no business or authority to issue staff of office.
”Staff of office is given by the mandate of the communities. The king makers give staff of office. The government gives staff of recognition. When they are given recognition by government they come back and start parading themselves as kings and start getting salaries”, he added.
He lamented that it is on account of this that they cannot speak against the government because according to him it amounts to biting the fingers that feeds one.
In his words, ”it is because of this that you hardly can speak against the government that gave you staff of recognition. When you say anything contrary or against the government that gave you such power then they will call you back and remove that recognition or certificate they gave you and you will become like a bee that has lost its sting, to become ordinary fly.
”They get scared to raise a voice when the government is not fulfilling what they have said. This is the reason traditional rulers have no mouth to talk against the government. But it is only people like us that have been on the throne since 1994 and beyond who can come out and say that what the governor has done is wrong or plead with him to release their payment”, he stated further.
Bemoaning the situation further, he regretted that the government has degraded a prestigious institution with politics because of their selfish interest.
According to him, ”government has politicised a very prestigious institution for their selfish political gains which has rubbished the institution. It has made it worthless and weightless. Here in Imo State you have over 600 traditional rulers. Is it not mockery? But it is not so in Anambra where the natural rulers command so much respect.”
The American trained traditional ruler and an ambassador of peace also decried the loss of our values and culture to westernization and religion which he said has become irrecoverable on account of the above reason. He added that the reason it is difficult to recover is that the political rulers are focused in different direction outside what they are supposed to do,


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