Amb. Uche Ogbuagu the uncommon politician

Uche Ogbuagu

Great Leaders are known for positive things they do, how many lives they improved, how selfless and sacrificial they act including how dedicated, focused and committed they are to the course of their people.
In our body polity mainly during electioneering period, many promises are made but fulfilling same becomes a story for the gods and ancestors.
One politician who has broken the normale and jinx, changed the paradigm as well as insituted a different brand of politicking is the Honourable Member Representing Ikeduru State Constituency and Majority Leader of the Imo House of Assembly Amb. Uche Ogbuagu.
He is a bridge builder, an enigma of note with a large heart. This Ikeduru born legislator, has been investing his time, resources in the mentoring and development of humanity not minding their colour, race and political divide. His foray into active politics has continually stamped unforgettable marks and notable footprints.
Even in the face of vitriolic, unfounded assaults from his opponents, this lover of the people goes on with his massive development, remains undeterred and focused.
Amb. Ogbuagu has continued to reach out. He is building a bigger table for all lovers of development in Ikeduru to come and join hands with him in taking the area to a greater height.
This desire has led to the birth of INVEST IN IKEDURU (III). He wants Ikeduru born entrepreneurs and providers of labour to think home. These and other marks of integrity plus statesmanship of loving one’s constituency and people which are so rare in most politicians of today’s climate are all inherent in him.
No wonder a Nigerian multi- billionaire and oil magnate as well as his boss Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah said and I quote ” Uche Ogbuagu is of inestimable value.”
There is no gainsaying the fact that the man Uche Ogbuagu is an epitome of positivity and optimism. He sacrifices for his people as he goes outside the age long opaque manner of approaching politics to making impactful contributions to humanity. It is on record that he denied himself the comfort of luxurious lifestyle by using his housing and wardrobe allowances for the uplifting of his people through development.
Amb. Ogbuagu’s antecedents in representation marks him out as a role model to many and a succour to the oppressed. There is no doubt that he is a different brand of politician.


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