Why Can’t we bid Dr Nnanna Ukaegbu farewell


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According to Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher and writer ” Good men must die but death cannot kill their names”.
Chief Dr. Basil Nnanna Ukaegbu popularly known as “Odieh” is a strong name that cannot be killed by death. According to George Elliot, an English novelist, poet and journalist “Our dead can never be dead to us untill we have forgotten them”. Who can’t remember Dr Nnanna Ukaegbu, the name cannot easily be forgotten.
Great men donot die, their names will always be reminisced even in the deliration of death.
We will always remember Chief Dr Basil Nnanna Ukaegbu, a firebrand political scion who dominated the political scene of the old Imo State. He was a mercurial and maverick politician of the old-order who remained on the turf defying conventional thinking always saying the truth nor matter the daunting challenges.
Dr Nnanna Ukaegbu was a walking paradox who bestrode the political firmament like a Colossus and a knight in glistening armor. He was a highly urbane and transgenerational boardroom political strategist. A former Chief Whip of the Federal Legislature (1960-1966) and also a pioneer Frontline member of the G-34 – a group that fought against the self- succession bid of the former head of State Late Gen. Sani Abacha.
In 1979, Dr Nnanna Ukaegbu was the governorship candidate of the GNPP where he ran against late Dr Sam Mbakwe of the NPP and Nwakamma Okoro of the NPN. When the military refused to go back to the barracks he staged the popular one man protest joined with a hunger strike which attracted global attention. In 1981 Dr Nnanna Ukaegbu founded the first private university in Nigeria called Imo Technical University located at this hometown, Amafor Imerienwe in Ngor Okpala LGA. The university was part of his technical and economic development mission for the black race ( TEDEM).
It is very disheartening and unfortunate that since the celestial ascension of this indefatigable politician in 2016, his soul is yet to rest in peace in the metaphysical realm, his spirit still hovers around in anguish. His body has remained on the physical surface yet to be interred due to controversy, disunity and misunderstanding among his children and his nephews. His remains since 2016 is decomposing in an unknown morgue in the state without any effort of committing his soul to mother Earth. His family has been locked in the dark room of crisis and controversy.
This is the height of disrespect and dishonour to the name of this great political Iroko who navigated through the bewildering storms of Nigerian politics. The greatest honour that can be accorded to the deceased is a befitting funeral. The hard earned name of Chief Dr Basil Nnanna Ukaegbu has become a laughing stock and an object of ridicule. This is indeed a monumental shame and a disgrace to the family of this scion. Whatever that may be the cause of this deadlock and stalemate should be seriously addressed now.
It is high time to give peace a chance by all those involved in this convoluted stalemate so that the soul of this iconic patriot can be committed to eternity.
Ngor Okpala traditional rulers have a role to play in this quagmire so that the reputable name of one of their first eleven can be restored. An intrepid intervention of our royal fathers and other concerned parties is highly needed now to calm the stir waters and find a lasting solution to this convolution.
It should be our concern to bid Dr Nnanna Ukaegbu a farewell.


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