The Untold truth about the true owner of Tenece professional services

Victoria Adaobi Obasi

By Kelechi Uzomah

The Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has accused the son of the Imo State University, Owerri, IMSU Vice Chancellor, Mr. Izuchukwu Obasi of being the real owner of Tenece Professional Services groups that collects tuition fees for the university.
This happened after the Governor had ordered the Commissioner for Education, Prof Bernard Thompson Ikegwuoha to issue query to the IMSU Vice Chancellor Prof. Adaobi Obasi for allegedly not paying salaries to the Staffs of the institution.
He didn’t stop at that, he went further to stop the agency from collecting tuition fees for the university because of his belief that the Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Mrs Adaobi Obasi gave the son contract of collecting tuition fees.
To put the records straight, there is no son of the IMSU VC’s son that bears the name Izuchukwu Obasi. Where did the accusers got the name Izuchukwu Obasi from ? This goes to show that something is definitely wrong with her accusers.
It is very important to unmark the true owner of the Tenece professional services for the reading public to know that those accusing and pursuing the University VC are in a wild goose chase that will ultimately expose their evil tendencies against a woman that has transformed the university to what a university should be.
The recent attack and accusation against the IMSU boss shows that her accusers are trying to destroy her hard earned reputations knowing full well that Prof. Mrs. Adaobi Obasi has a pace and standard that would take hundreds of years to break and this is the more reasons why I will use this space to show the reading public that this amazon of our time will not be deterred nor be distracted.
Tenecé Professional Services (Tenecé) is a vision birthed in 2008 “to provide first class, unique and premium solutions geared towards meeting the business objectives of clients through the use of appropriate and cost-effective technologies.”
The founder, Mr. Kingsley Eze – an emerging business leader and corporate executive – has since led this charge and successfully launched it into more frontiers than an average start-up can achieve in 10 years. It has built very strong competences and competitive edge in the provision of critical services in fintech, software engineering, enterprise security and infrastructure, communication technology, e-Business development, government transformations, systems integration, IT consulting, process re-engineering, and more. With over 527 projects successfully executed as at the last count, an active staff strength of 286, six (6) branches across Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Dubai, Ghana, and Ethiopia, 147 customer base, 15 subsidiaries and 36 technology partners, Tenece has become a force to reckon with within and beyond the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.
Tenecé is now a leading stakeholder in the Nigerian education sector, with its proprietary award winning School Manager® software (SaaS) successfully deployed and enabling high-performance in 23 higher institutions of learning. It currently provides premium services for 25 money deposit banks in critical areas including core banking application. The clientele also covers institutions in other financial services sector, oil and gas, manufacturing, government and general services.
The company’s passions for youth empowerment and business capacity development led to the establishment of the Genesys Tech Hub (Genesys), which has, in the past four years, consciously engaged in Human Capital Development by training and supporting young technical enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with tech-based business ideas. Through her Learning & Development program – Genesys Startzone® for undergraduates and fresh graduate, her Startup Incubation program, and her Talent Outsourcing platform, Genesys has graduated over 275 young software developers, trained over 900 tech enthusiasts, funded 6 startups, and supported over 35 SMEs.
It was not surprising, therefore that the managing director, Mr. Kingsley Eze was appointed a member of the Presidential Advisory Group on Technology and Creativity, in which capacity he works closely with the federal government of Nigeria and other relevant stakeholders to articulate, implement and support policies and initiatives that produce enabling environment for creativity and innovation in Nigeria. While visiting Tenecé’s office at Enugu last October, His Excellency Professor Yemi Osinbajo (the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria), acknowledged GenesysTech Hub as “the largest innovation and tech hub in the country.”
In IMSU, Tenece professional services group facilitates the technology “ICT Hub”, post-UTME exams are also facilitated by them. The school fees are paid through remittal platform and IMSU students currently enjoy free wifi on campus courtesy of the Tenece professional services group digitalization of the university system.
The query issued to the IMSU VC Prof. Adaobi Obasi by the Commissioner for Education, Prof. Bernard Thompson Ikegwuoha is a clear indications that she has been marked to be the sacrificial lamb according to my friend Frank Nwete. It is no longer news that some select few who desperately want to occupy her position as the Vice Chancellor of the institution are bent on causing catastrophe and havoc for the visitor to the School.
The major challenges confronting the Imo State University, Owerri is poor and inadequate funding which is alarming and if you trace the issue of the poor funding that the University is going through, you will agree with me wholeheartedly that the experience has been there since 2016 till date.
A total of about 308 million Naira is expended monthly on payment of IMSU Salaries.
Out of which only 197 million Naira is released from Government to them as monthly subvention.
Which is about 68% of the total salary bill.
IMSU Unions refused to take 99.9% as Salaries, they insists it must be 100%.
This has ostensibly put the management on a very tight corner on how to make up the 68% subvention and pay staff.
When RT Hon Emeka Ihedioha emerged as Governor, the Management of IMSU pleaded with him to restore the subvention to 100% which Emeka Ihedioha did and received applause from the institution.
The Former Governor, Emeka Ihedioha insisted that they hook up with the TSA and be assured of 100% salaries, which IMSU did.
But today, IMSU has been successfully removed from the TSA and 68% monthly subvention resuscitated.
What “Magic” do they want Prof Adaobi Obasi to do so as to make up the 68% and pay salaries.
It is also on record that IMSU Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) is nothing to write home about because of the “FREE EDUCATION system put in place by the Ex- Gov Senator Rochas Okorocha and the global lockdown
Which has drastically reduced their revenues to the extent that HODs, DEANS and DIRECTORS hardly get imprest to function properly.
I therefore consider it unfortunate that the Senator Hope Uzodimma has allowed himself to be used by those who never mean for the state and whose only intentions is to remove Prof Adaobi Obasi, as the Vice Chancellor of the Imo state University Owerri.
It’s very pathetic that the IMO STATE UNIVERSITY (IMSU) Vice-Chancellor Prof Adaobi Obasi has become a FERTILE SACRIFICIAL LAMB in the hands of the State tormentors which is highly unacceptable by the well meaning public.
Should the IMSU Vice Chancellor be removed on falsehood? Who is the commissioner for education serving? His agenda or the Governor’s shared prosperity government? What structure have been put on grounds for the resumption of schools in Imo state? Is the commissioner for education for IMSU or commissioner for the education sector?
It is based on these available facts that I called on the Governor Senator Hope Uzodimma to allow Prof. Adaobi Obasi to do her work as the Vice Chancellor of the University which am sure she has capable hands to help her.
Kelechi Uzomah is a practicing journalist and public affair analyst based in Imo State.


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