Onyekwe warns ENTRACO against relocating Tetlow road traders


By Eze Amaeshi

Senior lawyer and retired Army Major, Chief Sam Onyekwe (Obiagu Owere) has warned the General Manager of Imo Environmental Transformation Commission (ENTRACO), Hon. Macdonald Ebere, to, as a matter of urgency and in the interest of the progress and development of the state which has a lot of benefits from businesses located at Tetlow road, Owerri, withdraw the relocation order handed out to the traders there last week, arguing that such order is “unconscionable” and could not have the governor’s support who, as a senior lawmaker, knows that it is illegal to destroy people’s businesses.
Onyekwe who was the proprietor of Victory Transport Limited and owns the Uneze Onyekwe plaza located at Tetlow road, Owerri, gave this warning last Thursday while interacting with newsmen in his office in Owerri.
Onyekwe maintained that the 7days ultimatum given by Ebere to traders at Tetlow road to relocate to Alaba market at Naze remained illegal and would never work as plazas exist in all cities of Nigeria, urging all Tetlow road traders to remain in their shops and watch if the rule of Law had ended in Imo State.
He stressed that the ENTRACO boss had no right to cripple people’s business and promised to challenge such order in court, just as he urged governor Hope Uzodinma not to allow charlatans to drag his name to the mud.
Onyekwe, who was the commandant, Special Investigation Bureau, Apapa Lagos noted that he heeded to the call by state leaders for Igbo businessmen in other states to come home and invest, wondering how such a patriotic response to return home could now become a night mare with their businesses destroyed by a “power-drunk” official displaying “executive rascality”.
Insisting that there are no laws against owning plazas, Onyekwe called on the state Commissioner of police not to allow his men be used in executing an “Obnoxious act” and rascality which do not have the backing of the governor.
He also called on the Brigade Commandor, Obinze, General Chikwe and others to rise up and protect the rights of citizens at tetlow road and to ensure law and order do not break down.


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