Lawmakers, appointees evade constituents

  • Lie to cover up
  • They’re suffering and smiling -Imolites

By AFAM Echi

There are strong indications that Imo lawmakers and political appointees are also groaning under the heavy weight of cash crunch arising from non-payment of salaries and other benefits.
Consequently, many of them who have obligations to meet against their creditors and promises made to their constituents have now adopted the avoidance strategy to escape from the worries of the people.
Edge Express investigation reveal that while they are doing this, they are also covering up their woes and pretending that all is well just to save the image of the government that is allegedly owing them.
Some who could no longer bear the situation are also speaking out on their woes leading to exchange of altercations between some of the legislators and its leadership recently among lawmakers over whether or not the government is obligated to them.
For sometimes the state has been under siege of protests by various groups as a result of the government’s failure to meet its obligations to the people. The Imo pensioners twice, the Imo State Oil Producing Development Commission (ISOPADEC) staff, and Imo State Universal Basic Education (IMSUBEB) contractors have taken to the streets in protest in the last one month, though, there unconfirmed news that Imo government has clear all areas own to pensioners.
There are indications that other groups might follow suit soon in the days ahead if the situation is not ameliorated.
When Edge Express spoke to one of the local government councillors in Owerri Ward 2 who preferred to speak under anonymity, he admitted that they are suffering but cannot speak out because you risk loss of your position.
In his words, ”the government slashed our emoluments terribly on the claim that they are using it to fight COVID-19. We cannot protest being appointees of the governor, otherwise they will run red biro against your name.”
Lamenting further he said, ”out of the 172k paid to us, the party will take 30k every month on top of which we will still buy drinks for other officials. In fact, we are like people who went to serve as maids.
“Out of the three months owed they will pay one month and broadcast it to the world attracting all your creditors to line up in your house. I can now see why some people after serving in the government you cannot achieve anything, no savings. You can only boast of feeding yourself and when the appointment goes you return to your old self.
“The appointment will even deprive you your time to plan your life and do your own business. At the end of the day you will have nothing to show for it. Yet the expectations from us are so high”
Other appointees have their own tale of woes but prefer to lie and cover up as they dodge their constituents “believing that soon things will normalize” so declared another who does not want to be named.
An aggrieved creditor who gave his name Sam Ogbonna, said one appointee who owes him “will be doing big man big man and defending Imo government, defending APC, but he is dying o, just covering up, suffering and smiling.”


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