Bad parenting and its impact on our society

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Today there are myriads of issues confronting Nigeria as a country. The society from all indicators is judged to be grossly in bad shape. Some scholars contend that we make the society and others hold too that we are products of the society. If our actions jointly help to shape the society it means that a bad society is a product of all our bad actions. In computer jargon we hear ”garbage in garbage out”
The implication of this theory is that we hold the capacity to shape our environment to the nature we want. In other words we reap what we sow. Almost everyone is concerned about the ills of the society because the consequences are impinging on all without exception. With each passing day and in spite of all the efforts to improve the quality of life social issues subtracts from the benefits.
All around us the prevalence of crimes in the form of scams, drugs, illicit business, violence, rapes, money rituals, exam malpractices, financial frauds, etc dominate our social discourse. These issues are more pronounced among the youth groups. So much efforts and resources committed in fighting crimes by the authorities could have been deployed to other more gainful areas.
Worse, the more the government commits to fighting these social concerns the more it keeps spiking in numbers and shapes. Crime is an ill wind that blows none any good. The question is that if all of us yearn for a decent society because of its ultimate benefits for all where then does crime originate from.
A popular scriptural saying goes, ”train a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will never depart from it.” If the foregoing statement is anything to go by it means that parents who have groomed the youths that are responsible for the concerns expressed may have failed in their responsibility to give their children good upbringing. This reality may be located when we examine to what extent and what roles parents have played in shaping the character of their offspring.
Sociologists and educationists teach us that the first education a child engages in his life comes from the home where he is socialised to the norms and values of the society he belongs. It is given that no sane and decent society would communicate such negative values or attitudes that destroy the environment. It is discovered that this is the point, at the base where the war is lost.
Sociologists also tell us that the mind of the child is like a clean slate, whatever that is written on it is what it absorbs. If therefore we sow good seeds we should reap bountiful dividends. Some have contended that peer influence and environmental factors arising from effects of science and technology breed corrupt influence on the child. This is however countered by the claim that if a child is given a good background moral base he is bound to shun any negative tendencies.
It is complained that most parents by virtue of their professional calling and the urgent need for survival hardly spare time for their kids. The result is that others will bring up the child or the child will bring himself up in the manner he likes.
Unconsciously too, parents indulge in activities that negatively influence their child’s behaviour. A child begins to learn the short cuts to achieving results from a parent who will buy him admission chance when he has failed to qualify in an exam.
Edge Express is so concerned that all the institutions that should act as moral agents such as the religious groups, schools, community associations etc are also seriously challenged with some burdens as well. We are therefore calling on parents to re-examine themselves and their roles in grooming their children with a view to righting the wrongs of the society. The earlier the better because the young ones of today will soon become the parents of morrow.
No one can ever give what he does not have.


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