Ibrahim Magu: Why I love karma


Karma is the Sanskrit word for action, it is equivalent to the Newton’s law of motion which states that” every action must have a reaction” . Law of Karma is all about the positive valance of our words , thoughts and deeds.
In essence, everything we do creates a corresponding energy that comes back to us in one form or another.
Life is indeed a mystery. Whenever I say I love karma I really mean it. Who can believe in this life that Magu of all people, the powerful Magu, the Almighty Magu can also cry? Magu, the name that instills panick and fear whenever it is being mentioned has become a laughing stock today. I really love karma. When a bird is alive it eats ant, when the bird is dead ants eat the bird. This is life for you. In life , time and circumstances can change at any time, you may be powerful today but the truth is that time is more powerful.
When I heard that Ibrahim Magu’s lawyers have written to the Presidential Panel investigating the allegation against him complaining that he honoured an invitation by the panel and was detained, then I said that karma is very powerful. Magu’s ordeal did not come as a surprise to most of us who irrevocably have the convinction and strong belief in the law of Karma.
This is what Magu’s EFCC, ICPC, the Police and other security agencies do? They will send you a letter of invitation, you will respect them and honour it… Next thing they are telling you that you can’t leave o, you should go and bring a permanent secretary or minister as surety for bail. Now now o, an invitation has turned to arrest and detention.
In fact, for ICPC and EFCC, before they even send you an invitation letter, they have already gone to court to lie to the judge that you have been arrested and that you are in their custody, so that the judge will give them a remand order to detain you for 14 days or more. They always lie to the judge that you have been arrested and in their custody because the law is that you can’t get a remand order unless you have already arrested the person and he is in your custody for at least 24 hours.
This crude, primitive, archaic, anachronistic and evil way of operating has eroded the trust Nigerians have for their law enforcement agents and agencies.
This is why Nigerians can’t step out to help them in investigations: if you go to tell them that you witnessed an accident or fighting, they will arrest and detain you; tell them you saw a child on your street and you don’t know who the mother or father is, they will arrest and detain you for days; report to them that you were raped, they will arrest and detain you; call their phone number now now and say you recognize a kidnapper or murderer they are looking for, they will say you should come to their station or office to tell them more, if you go there, they will detain you for 3 months.
The only thing they know how to do, is to detain people. Their greatest achievement is to detain people. They even boast or threaten you with it: “I go detain you o… Shut up or else I will detain you… No mind that man, we detain am for 3 weeks, nothing happen!”
Bunch of grossly incompetent buffoons; a sad insignia of a nation on the brink of apocalypse. Magu’s ordeal did not come as a surprise to most of us who irrevocably have the convinction and strong believe in the law of Karma.
Magu is suffering the pains of the system he engineered, that’s why I love karma.


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