When a lawmaker thinks more about his constituents, Uche Ogbuagu’s example

Uche Ogbuagu

By Ifeanyi Iheakanwa (08038386510)

It is often said that reciprocating a gesture comes in a bigger fold than showing it. What do I mean? Take for instance, when someone renders a help to you when you least expect it, your mind will not be at rest until you reciprocate it, and this time around, in a larger proportion.
In other words, he who does not reciprocate gestures is not worth showing same to, for one good turn, they say, deserves another.
In several fora, I have seen Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu profess the overflowing love which the people of Ikeduru have shown him especially in the last election that brought him to the chamber.
One of his promises which he has kept solemn till date, was never to take those feelings of love and acceptance by his people, for granted.
He always reminisces on the show of gallantry exhibited by Ndi-Ikeduru during the electioneering period where they staked their lives to ensure that their mandate was not stolen by the broad-day-light robbers.
The memories of that election which permeated to a rerun, will never be forgotten by the people.
Recall that there were stories of bomb scare at one of the polling booths to the detriment of the people who crossed the River Rubicon in protecting their votes amid fire and brimstone threatened by some individuals. There were also reports of ballot box snatching and bullying of the electorates in a bid to scuttle the process and probably declare themselves winners of the election.
Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu already christened the ‘beautiful bride’ was pampered, protected and asked to stay indoors for fear of being hurt by a fly. The people fought the fight by themselves and won.
When the election was declared inconclusive even with the overwhelming margin with which the Ambassador was leading, the people resettled for the rerun unperturbed and confident of victory.
The rerun exercise became more fierce and challenging because the idea was to do the ‘abracadabra’ to thwart the will of the people at all costs. The people stood firm and withstood the storm all for the love of Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu. What a historic way of expressing a feeling!
When the storms were over and Ambassador was announced the winner, the peoples joy has known no bounds.
Since being inaugurated in the last one year, he has shown his indebtedness to the people in several ways. He has done well in infrastructural development through the Assembly’s oversight functions, shot the area to legislative limelight and proven his mettle in human capacity building.
If the truth be told, Ogbuagu remains the only lawmaker in his time, who has been able to place Ikeduru to its legislative pride of place by catapulting it to gain a position in the state’s political firmament. There is no denying this fact.
The story before now, was not the same. All eyes have been on Ikeduru since his emergence as their representative and this is not blowing things out of proportion.
Although, there have been many attempts by some critics to malign his image and water down the efforts of the lawmaker by way of inciting the public about his person, yet Ogbuagu has remained unshakable and undaunted in pursuit of his legislative goals.
Just yesterday, he extended his milk of human kindness to the Ikeduru-born Bongo crooner, Shama Melody and his Myradio Public Relation Officer, Goddy Ibeawuchi by offering them car gifts of Hilander jeep and Toyota Corolla respectively. These are rare gifts from an uncommon lawmaker.
It is important to note that Uche Ogbuagu is only representing Ikeduru people and not Imo people. This is not to say that he is not contributing his quota to the growth and development of Imo state.
He should be left to focus on his legislative duty rather than diverting his attention to worthless criticism and name calling probably to put him off the track.
Uche Ogbuagu is only answerable to his constituents whose mandate he holds tenaciously. Character assassination, mudslinging and other inglorious vices are not yardsticks to judge a lawmaker’s performance. The only judgement is one’s representation within the period under review. On this part, Ogbuagu has done excellently well within the shortest possible time.
For the interest of the good people of Ikeduru, the lawmaker should be supported and encouraged for he has done nothing, absolutely nothing to show that he is not ready to represent his people.
It is only when he derails and begins to chase shadows that we all will make a public outcry for help,but for now, Ogbuagu is one of the best things that has happened to Ikeduru. I stand on this assertion till tomorrow.
An Igbo adage has it that, “ekelee onye akidi, ogwota ozo”, the Ambassador should be thanked for the ones he has done so far for him to be motivated to do more. Who knows other Ikeduru constituents he may have listed to receive car gifts from him. This may be his new style of empowering the people whom he swore never to let down.
All in all, God overseas all things. We, as humans can only assume things and often end up with the wrong predictions, but God is the Supreme Being who knows who is doing good and rewards all according to their deeds.
Thank you Hon. Ambassador Uche Ogbuagu for representing Ikeduru well. More power to your elbow!


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