Uzodimma’s Seven Key Points in Seven Months Are People Oriented By Cajetan Duke

Hope Uzodimma

The director general, Imo State APC media centre, Comrade Cajetan Duke, has stated that Governor Hope Uzodimma’s performance in office since January had been quite immaculate even as he labelled it “Seven key points in seven months”.
According to him, “we are aware of the axiom that says opinion is free but facts are sacred. So, I am talking about facts, verifiable facts, not my opinion. Therefore, if you take a long but detailed walk from January 15 when Governor Uzodimma was sworn in, to this present moment, and putting every sentiment apart, you will agree with me that he has had what I now call seven months key points”.
The director general, described the achievements of the governor within these seven months in office as a remarkable evidence of good days ahead. He said, “The last time we heard of or saw Julius Berger in Imo State was when the construction company handled a part of the Owerri – Onitsha Road and that project was executed by the federal government. As we talk, Uzodimma has brought back Julius Berger to the state. I am sure you are in the know that both Owerri Orlu Road and Owerri Okigwe Road will soon be reconstructed by the Germany based firm. Beyond the engagement of JB, a trip around the state, particularly the state capital will reveal to you a man committed to his campaign promises of rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery. The Imo APC as a party, we are proud of this unprecedented feat of the governor, it is remarkable as well as uncommon”
He continued, “To demonstrate that he did not come into governance with vendetta, Uzodimma continued virtually all inherited projects and investigation panels and awarded and set up by his predecessor. He never changed the compositions of the panels or cancelled the road projects as it were common before now. This has never happened in the state. Because our governor is not a narrow-minded vindictive politician who is only interested in vain glorification. Uzodimma is the definition and embodiment of a true statesman whose patriotism and Godliness is overwhelming”.
Duke further lauded the governor on his ongoing pension verification scheme and accused the opposition of mischief for turning the pension issue into a political instrument to vilify and discredit the government. “One of the major celebrated programmes of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was his pension verification scheme which lasted from June till October 2019. He (Ihedioha) shouted that pension payment in the state was riddled with high scale fraud and discrepancies. I had expected his party men, supporters and followers to applaud Uzodimma when he came and proclaimed that pension payment in the state was a cundit. Now, after all said and done, the revelations from the Uzodimma pension verification scheme are mind boggling. In fact, it is a stinking stench. In other words, Uzodimma has sanitized the pension payment system”, he enthused.
It is the believe of the media centre boss that one of the tenets of a functional democracy is the accommodation of opposition. On this, he noted thus, “The last seven months have not been a rosy affair for the governor. I am talking about the role of the opposition. We encourage opposition politics. We know that the opposition keeps the ruling party at its toes. However, for opposition to be meaningful, it must constructive and balanced. But you can agree with me that the opposition in Imo State in the last seven months have been very destructive. That no person is being detained in detention for being reckless in his criticisms is due to the tolerance, magnanimity and good heart of the governor. When one person was arrested for Internet terrorism against the state government, he was charged to court and at the end of the day granted bail. Go round the South East, no governor is as magnanimous as Uzodimma on tolerance to opposition.”
Also, on the fight against the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, Duke commended the governor on his superlative performance in containing the spread of the virus. “If we are sincere, we must applaud Uzodimma for giving COVID – 19 a hot chase that made Imo one of the safest states in the country. The governor left no stone unturned in his determination to secure the lives of Imolites against the ravaging coronavirus. While the governor was activating emergency health facilities, as well as safety protocols, he didn’t abandoned the social welfare of the people. He provided series of palliative items to the people across the 27 local government areas, as well as through religious and faith-based organizations in the state”
On youth empowerment, the director general maintained that the governor had shown good faith to the ideals of his Shared Prosperity government. “Just recently, the governor facilitated a series of economic empowerment programmes for the teaming Imo youths across party lines. The various programmes anchored by ministries of commerce and industry, and Youths and Entrepreneurial development were all in line with the vision of the governor to meaningfully engage the greater percentage of our youth population in productive economic activities for self-reliance”
The issue of security was not left behind as Duke insisted that the governor has recorded significant achievements in the area of security of lives and properties of the people. According to him “without fear of contradiction, the sincerity of the governor was made manifest in his bold step in the issue of security. The governor came with the reactivation of our security architecture with the introduction of operation search and flush for a round the clock effective security network in the state. The timely provision of state of the art security vehicles, gadgets and incentives to various security operatives in the state has seen to the drastic reduction of criminal activities particularly kidnapping and armed robbery in the state. You cannot talk about growth and development without adequate security arrangement, and this the governor appreciates and sincerely commits to”.


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