IMHA members wail, lie, and fight as constituents groan


This may not be the best of times for the government and people of Imo State. This is given the current economic situation the people have found themselves orchestrated by the discordant issuing from the seat of power in the state. Everybody it seems is in the wailing mood including the government itself. Sadly and disappointing the government is established to meet the desires and aspirations of the people.
The situation is not helped by the representatives of the people, the lawmakers, who are expected to assist, redeem the situation but have also joined the ordinary wailers in the street. This shows that indeed things have since fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold apologies to Chinua Achebe, Nigeria’s globally celebrated writer.
The Assembly members are wailing that they are owed salary arrears and allowances for two months and were threatening action. While the Speaker insists that the government is in good standing with them, some of the legislators are disputing that vehemently arguing that they are still being owed.
Sources close to the legislators, however have revealed that the legislators were allegedly paid N7m and N4m for their Covid-19 treatment. What it was learnt they were owed is N800K. This has left tongues wagging why the lawmakers would deny the government completely having received such huge sums while they fight over fraction of their payment. This contrasts sharply with the situation where majority of the Imo civil servants are groaning in pains over unpaid emoluments for periods of 2 to 5 months arrears.
The news is not received well that the legislators are agitating for their payments because observers believe that if they have performed their oversight functions very well the government would not owe anyone in the state, talk more of owing them. It is also believed in some circles that the legislators may have compromised their positions one way or another giving the executive arm the courage to withhold their own emoluments.
Imo legislators of the 9th Assembly have continually been in public space for the wrong reasons especially since the inception of the current administration. While we commend them for their painstaking efforts to pass bills for the good governance of the state we make bold to remind them that character is everything. They are expected as lawmakers to exhibit exemplary conduct worthy of emulation.
As the Imolites are groaning under the weight of the unpaid salaries they should wade into the situation and drive a lasting solution to the challenge. The government has promised that the welfare of the people is uppermost in its development agenda. It is within the purview of the legislators to support the executive achieve its purpose including protecting its constituents.
Edge Express wants to remind the Assembly members that there is always another time and the electorates are carefully watching. Definitely there is a time of reckoning when everybody will be rewarded according to his due. Imolites expect more than they are seeing. They can do better.


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