That impeachment alarm by Imo Speaker


The Speaker Imo House of Assembly, Rt Hon (Dr) Chiji Collins was reported in some Owerri based tabloids as raising alarm over an alleged impeachment plot against him and the Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma.
In the alarm, he accused the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members in the House as responsible for the impeachment plot. Former Governor Ihedioha was also fingered in the plot.
Many have since dismissed his alarm as unfounded based on the fact that only 6 PDP members constituting the only opposition out of 27 members cannot impeach him by any stretch of the imagination.
Some also hold the view that it is possible if the alleged 6 PDP members initiating the action are able to sufficiently mobilize others outside their fold to move against the Speaker.
The mere raising of alarm by the honourable Speaker, real or imagined, however, has been interpreted in many circles as an indication that all may not be well with the workings of the legislature.
We are not unaware that in the last one month or so there have been discordant tunes issuing from the state legislature arising from claims and counter claims over the payment of salaries as well as accusations of betrayals among others. These issues have been trending in the public domain for sometimes and may be snowballing into something undesirable for all.
Edge Express does not deny the fact that disagreements are common in any group especially human beings who come from different background. What is more perplexing is allowing such disagreements to tear the House apart at a critical moment in the lives of those they are representing.
What Imolites expect at this moment is that the legislators would dig deep into their consciousness and experience and seek ways towards salvaging the economic and welfare issues for its constituents. The issue of protests upon protests which is almost becoming an everyday feature does not gladden anybody in this state irrespective of whatever explanations that is originating from the government as defence.
Amidst the challenge of the COVID-19, virtually every Imo worker including the legislators are allegedly owed arrears of salary and the conflicting claims from the legislators does not indicate oneness and unity in the Assembly. It is a truism that a house that is divided in itself cannot stand. This sends a wrong signal that all is not well in the hallowed chamber.
Political observers and indeed every right thinking person knows that the primary responsibility of the lawmakers should go to its constituents who they owe a duty of good representations. They should always fight to reasonably defend the interest of the people who put them in power.
The salary issues which is still in the front burner and affecting the Assembly men somewhat provides an indictment on how well they have been able to discharge their oversight functions especially on the executives.
The three organs of government need we remind are created to serve as checks and balances on the other and so we have appreciated the beauty of democracy wherever it is practised efficiently and effectively. We cannot boldly say the same is happening in our dear state.
Some observers hold the view that the much touted independence of the legislature is threatened when they have to beg to get what is due to them in a democracy but same people are quick to observe that owing legislators was something that was orchestrated by them as a result of hobnobbing with the executive arm in the first place.
It is not within the purview of Edge Express to apportion blames to any party, but we want to appeal to all the gladiators to sheath their swords and focus on the main reason they were elected which is to offer good governance. But that is not to mean that punishable actions should be swept away or under the carpet.
We must not forget that where two elephants fight, naturally it is the grass that suffers.


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