Ex-ENTRACO boss Amadi lauds Ebere on performance

Mac Donald

Pioneer General Manager of ENTRACO and a Federal Commissioner, Chief Barr Willi Amadi has expressed great delight at the good strides his brother and incumbent General Manager of ENTRACO, Hon. Macdonald Ebere has recorded even as he advised him not to forget Ohakim administration’s effort in Clean & Green initiative which took after Mbakwe administration records and also won the cleanest State capital award in Nigeria for an unbeatable record of three consecutive years between 2008-2010 under his watch.
Amadi who dropped the applaud in a well articulated press release circulated in several social media platforms noted that he is happy that Hon. Ebere Macdonald is following some of their templates.
He however maintained that the only way to eliminate street trading without hurting the defaulting citizens by the removal of illegal traders and structures, is by reclaiming the verges and planting grasses and trees on the affected area immediately after the exercise.
According to him” We did not do that immediately the removals and recoveries were made and that gave the erreonous impression that government just set out to displace and punish citizens without any plans and or reasons for displacements”.
“Let me draw your attention to few but most important areas in the Municipal that requires grassing and tree planting to provoke the beautification awareness of the Senator Hope Uzodimma- led administration, namely, Egbu road from fire service roundabout to OANDO filling station curve Egbu across shoprite, Okigwe road/ IMSU Junction accross IMSU gate leading to the roundabout straight to both glass house by Okigwe road on the left and on the right straight to Egbu road across Owerri club, Aladinma Hospital, MCC road junction along Chukwuma Nwoha to Egbu road”.
He declared that Owerri twin master plan provided for these wonderful green verges on both sides which if well harnessed will create a wonderful scenery and aesthetics now that the government is dualizing those roads and permanently prevent escalation of shanties, street trading and mechanics.
The Owerri -born politician also said that Douglas road/Emmanuel College junction straight to Poly/Aba road Junction before Naze village has considerable size of road green verges for beautification with grass and tree, stressing that if left out in no distant future there will be infiltration of shanties and street trading activities being a busy exit and entrance into the capital city from the airport.
He also urges Ebere to revisit the Okatankwo Bridge after ANUMUDUS family compound which boarders the capital city and Ikeduru LGA, noting that reclamation of that sea bed pleasure garden as originally planned is necessary.
“It provides a natural aesthetics and welcome scenery into the capital city of Owerri to visitors. I can provide you with the original architectural garden drawings on request. The preliminary implementation of grassing and beautification during my service was widely acknowledged and admired by Imolites and visitors but unfortunately Rochas administration destroyed it because they were bent on destroying our environmental milestone which already had stucked into the minds and consciousness of citizens unfortunately too.
“I will continue to provide you with ideas, suggestions and compass to the Clean & Green magic. Finally, I will please request you to make a proposal to His Excellency, the Governor for the beautification of Imo state university into a garden learning environment suitable for research and academic excellence. I had a programme of implementation of turning the University into a garden University with detailed beautification architecture of sola lights, removal of illegal structures, squatters and shanties by hawkers and shop owners inside and outside the University which had turned the campus into a local and glorified secondary school irrespective of its reputed high academic excellence with wonderful location and topography.
“I achieved the removal of shanties and trading along both sides of the road leading into the University from Okigwe round about before I left office but unfortunately could not embark on the major action of restoring the inside of the institution into sanity regrettably as it was dear to my heart. However, this can be done now in collaboration with the University authority. I have the 2010 detailed environmental architectural restoration drawings and programs of implementation in case your Commission needs it for further review”.
He called for the immediate re-establishment of ENTRACO Clubs in primary, secondary and Universities in the State will help provoke the consciousness of environmental practice considering the large students’ population in the State and the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. Finally, please pardon me to continue to monitor your progress as a stakeholder and make imputs for your consideration in the overall interest of the State.
Amadi said it clearly that his brother Ebere is doing well after the initial jerks, adding that the Director of Operations Sir Lawrence Okoye in his observation appears to him as someone determined to add value to Ebere’s resolve just as Prince Okay Osuji did during his tenure 13 years ago.
He also appealed to the Governor to ensure adequate funding of the Commission even as he advised Ebere to judiciously manage his funds.


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