Mbaise Ezes tackle Ogbaku people over sacked daughter


Two traditional rulers from Mbaise are now demanding justice from the people of Ogbaku following the sack of their daughter from her matrimonial home through an armed attack.
His Royal Majesty, Igwe Dr. A.C.Onuh, Orie Ihitte of Ihitte in Ezinihitte Mbaise, and His Royal Highness Eze Barr (Dr) Eze Nwagbaraji, Eze Dulu 1 of Olalem Enyiogugu Autonomous Community have demanded explanation from the traditional ruler of Ogbujioma Autonomous Community, Ogbaku, HRH Alhaji Shittu Kyrian Ejiogu, over what led to the sack of their daughter from her matrimonial home.
In the armed attack, Mrs Maritha Ngozi Meziem and her husband Emma Meziem including the son, Chibuike who received many gun shots and his own family were violently ousted from her home at Umuere, Ogbuke Ogbujioma in Ogbaku, by Stanley Meziem and siblings.
Stanley, (first son) from the first wife of Emma Meziem, was reported to have led other siblings, (Ann Chigaemezu Ogueri Nee Meziem, Moses) and Chisom Ogueri to attack their fathers abode over their persistent demand to send parking the second wife and have all his assets willed to them.
Onu stated that their approaching the Ogbaku people was to see that no lives were lost and to see that the perpetrators were brought to book. In his words, ”I have personally spoken to the Ogbaku traditional ruler and will soon be having another meeting with him alongside my cabinet members, other Mbaise Ezes as well as important dignitaries.”
Continuing, the paramount ruler said, ”a daughter of Mbaise is involved and Mbaise people will not take it lightly if anything happens to our daughter and son. The perpetrators are at large now, the police are doing their job, and I can say that they can run but they cannot hide. Now that they are at large we are prepared to take the matter to a logical conclusion.”
However, he gave a window that if the children can come and humble themselves and give an undertaking ”as an Ambassador of Peace we can ask the father to give them a second chance,” even as he condemned vehemently the attempt by the children to kill their father.
Speaking, in the same vein, the natural ruler for Enyiogugu, Eze Nwagbaraji described the victim as a peace loving fellow who would not hurt a fly wondering why he would be attacked by his step brothers. According to him, ”the young man shot was living with us, trained by us, we know his conduct.
He strongly condemned the attack which he described as strange and charged the police to fish out the perpetrators from wherever they may be hiding. Both Eze’s expressed satisfaction with the response received from their Ogbaku counterpart.
Speaking to Edge Express, Eze Ejiogu while condemning the incident which he said he took steps to quell before it snowballed to the point of shooting explained that the matter is above him now being a crime against the state and requires the police to bring the suspects to book.
He lamented that the vices found among the youths in many communities who also avail themselves as tools to bad politicians are now frightening the traditional rulers who do not want to become kidnap victims or killed in the process of settling disputes. The Ogbuji I of Ogbujioma regretted where the youths are in good standing character wise they should be able to apprehend their fellow youths involved in heinous crime.
Hon. Emma Meziem lamenting the incident reeled out how he has struggled to position his children with every support they needed including intervening in the marital issues of the married ones who now want him dead for no reason.


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