Gas station gutted by fire burnt family of Five to Death at Nekede

Gas Cylinder

At about 9pm Wednesday night, five persons from same family were burnt to untimely death by an inferno from Tiengo Gas Station located within a residential area opposite Visions Hotel, basic bus stop Umuoma Nekede in Owerri West, Imo State.
The incident took place at Tiengo gas station, when a truck discharging cooking gas was gotted by fire and destroyed a lot of vegetations and burnt the four children and the wife of Mr Onyekpandu Ekeada (BONGOS) to death.
Information gathered was it revealed the carelessness of the operators of Tiengo gas station who ignored its leakage of gas content that fumed for some hours before it got ignited through the direction of air where people were gathered and caused a whole lot of disaster and took so many lives. It was indeed a sad news.
A survivor resident of the affected lodge named “Brothers and Sisters lodge” Umuoma, Mr.Onyemuche Anukam regreted the incident and suggested that the gas station be relocated to avoid further mishap.
At the time of this report workers have deserted the gas station but the family of the injured and the dead are mourning while the five corpse are lying wasted at the morgue.
The father of the deceased Mr Onyekpandu Bongos said till the time of this report, it was like a film that beclouded his imagination. He added that his family were seated outside the compound as usual before the incident took them to the cold hands of death caused by the gas plant. This call for seizure of the plant and compensation to the families involved.
The names of the deceased person’s involved are same siblings; Precious, Chidera, Miracle, Izunna and their mother Marcelina.
Meanwhile His Excellency the Deputy Governor, Prof Placid Njoku and his crew have visited the scene and condemned the incident while promising to communicate the governor for immediate actions. He however consoled the family of Onyekpandu to take heart.


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