OCDA boss moved to restrain World Bank traders within legitimate market places


It is no longer news that the World Bank New Owerri area which was initially designed to be one of the crème de la crème locale of the magnificent twin city of Imo state has turned out to be one of the most distorted areas in Imo.
Today, General Manager Owerri Capital Development Authority Engr. Ikpamezie Innocent Ikechukwu on his routine inspection visited touch the World Bank Market, where he met clusters of traders almost pinching their tents on the roadways.
At the sight of the OCDA Special Task Force, the traders who were about to take to their heels were halted by the OCDA Boss who immediately commenced an “on-the-spot OCDA market sensitization program,” intimating them on the menace of their activities both in the areas of health and aesthetics.
Ikpamezie said, “it would be unfair to chase you away from here without prior information and direction, this is why I have come to meet you myself”. Speaking with one of the market leaders, the OCDA BOSS elucidated further the importance of trading within the zone mapped out by the government for market activities.
He also said, “originally, this place is meant to be free and beautiful to behold. That you have been doing the wrong thing for a long time, doesn’t make it right. We will try to get it right this time.”
The GM, OCDA extended the olive branch by inviting the market leaders to the Owerri Capital Development Authority for a crucial meeting before any form of enforcement is carried out.


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