Man sacks father from own house, shoots step brother

Man sacks father from own house shoots stepbrother

By AFAM Echi

The biblical incident between Absalom and David his father played out last week at Ogbaku when a man led his siblings to sack their father and other family members from his personal house.
Trouble came for Hon Emma Meziem, a retired civil servant, businessman and politician and native of Umuere, Ogbuke,Ogbujioma, Ogbaku in Mbaitoli LGA when his son, Stanley Meziem who has been living in his own house built on land willed to him since 2011 came to ask for a room out of the man’s 2 bedroom apartment where he lived with his second wife and only son.
When the man declined because according to him he suspected a sinister motive, the boy he said issued a stern warning that he should take what he sees thereafter. What followed was an attack when the Stanley, the first son from the first wife led other siblings (Moses, Ann Chigaemezu Ogueri (Nee Meziem) and Chisom Iroegbu to attack the home wherein the son of the second wife was shot many times.
According to him, 36 pallets from hospital reports were found in body of the son who narrowly escaped death. Before the attack they locked the gate from outside, got it chained by Ann to restrain the inmates from escaping before jumping into the house through the fence. Gaining entry and with the help of the cult boys they attacked the son having missed the father, Meziem narrated further.
The second wife of the man, her only son and his children were under lock and key for five days before the attack. After sacking the man and his family, they locked the gate and took the key away, bolting away from public view.
When Edge Express called on Ann Ogueri, the first daughter, she confirmed the incident but denied participation in the incident. In her words, ‘’I am a family member, I need peace, was not present but tell my father, Emma Meziem to go and settle his home, it is not something he should allow outsiders to come in.’’
She admitted that shooting of the step brother was wrong but said reports reaching her accused the victim of first pulling the gun before he was overpowered. The chief security officer of the village, Okwudiri Onyekwere confirmed the incident adding that the police have been making regular rounds to the home to apprehend the boys but remain unsuccessful.
A call to the Police Public Relation Officer was not answered neither did he respond to the text message. However, in a petition to the Commissioner of Police and the Inspector General of Police, through a law firm, Meziem has called on the security operatives to come to his aid by investigating the threat to his life and save him from their attempts to annihilate him.
Meanwhile, Meziem who is now homeless stated earlier that following series of disturbances instigated by his first wife who has been living with the son since 2011, he willed 15 plots out of 19 plots that he has to the children of the first wife leaving 4 plots to the second son and the mother.
It was the sharing of the plots according to the petition to the Commissioner of Police which was witnessed by some members of the community that provoked the attack. The report further stated that since 2012 Meziem is being terrorised with a mandate to send the second wife and the son parking. They have been demanding that all the man’s assets be willed to them.
One of the members of the community who spoke under anonymity decried the incident saying he has never seen anything of this kind. Meziem added that he has been under regular assault by the children.


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