Renewed herdsmen attack in Imo: Need for improved security

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For some days there has been apprehension over what is now tagged by many as herdsmen attack on the unsuspecting citizens of Imo people. Palpable fear has now gripped Imo indigenes especially those who inhabit our rural communities over what appears now as a guerrilla attack on the people. What is more disturbing is the suddenness with which these attacks that leave the victims defenceless occur.
The menace of the herdsmen previously were stories we heard in the middle belt and the north but today they have become realities that live with us here now. Loss of lives is viewed as the greatest loss anybody or community can suffer. When life is lost it subtracts from the value of any society. Are we then surprised that one of the basic but most critical functions of any government at all levels is the protection of lives and properties. Life is so precious to be wasted. The reason we have security outfits is to protect lives.
Insecurity in the land is pervasive. It has persisted because our leadership refused to sincerely rise to the challenge. By our own sinister actions we have all become endangered species. Nowhere is safe anymore in this country. We have all been invaded and from time to time we hear horrible tales of gory killings here and there. Nobody is sure where the next strike will hit. If the governments have reneged on their responsibility should we also surrender our lives so easily to the enemies? Is there nothing that we can do on our own before we get consumed?
These questions are pertinent in the light of growing incidents of insecurity in the land. In March we experienced the killing of 8 people at Okigwe. Till today nothing has been unravelled about the dastard killing. In this month we have seen the killing of an old man by Fulani herders in Agwa, Oguta local government. And just last week there is another report of the alleged killing of another man at Orodo by unknown assailants suspected to be herders though police preliminary investigation point to ritualists. There have also been skirmishes between herders and farmers over destroyed crops in many places in the state.
In a recent comment former President Olusegun Obasanjo has given thumbs down to President Muhammadu Buhari on the level of insecurity in the country. Aware of the grave implications of the poor security situation which has the tendency to collapse normal life; Arch Bishop Obinna of the Owerri Catholic Diocese has since June continued to charge the Imo governor publicly over security matters using a radio station. The governor is the chief security officer of the state over whom so much depends upon for a stable Imo. All the security outfits should be charged to double efforts.
Although there has not been any government pronouncement on the killings in the state, it is believed that the constitution of the traditional rulers as heads of community policing is a response to the security challenges. Edge Express urges the government to step up effort towards effectively addressing the security concerns of Imo people without which lives and properties would remain at risk. The communities should take proactive measures to safeguard their environment and not take things for granted because security is everybody’s business.
It is interesting to note that some communities are already combing the bushes and thick forests around them to search for possible invaders hiding away. This should be sustained on regular basis. Insecurity is an ill wind that blows none any good and its break out is capable of destabilizing the entire fabric of the society. The earlier we nip it in the bud the better.


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